Wednesday, November 2, 2011

congrats, karmie!!

tonight after zumba, my side of the family met up at the red robin for a dinner celebration in honor of karmie passing her last huge nursing final which means graduation is right around the corner with a "mental health nurse practitioner" status. that said, my mom and dad just assumed it was a regular dinner. we usual eat a healthy family meal after our zumba workouts so no biggie, right? well karmie had planned to make an announcement. except for her faux announcement was that she was pregnant. she told me to have my camera ready so that i did. here is the look on our mom and dad's face...even baby jem-jem was taken back a bit by the news. it was hysterical. we all broke the awkward quietness with laughter and then karmie said, "no seriously, we're here because i found out that i passed my nursing final." soon mom and dad joined in on the laughter too. it was great. we are so proud of you, karmie. i always knew you were going places all while adding extra initials to the end of your name. you deserve the best and we love you. xoxo. here are some family ya'll see where i get it from. no one is ever camera ever...