Sunday, November 6, 2011

family photo session

sunday, we met up with melissa at aldridge gardens so that she could take some family pictures for us. christmas is right around the corner and we have yet to get a really decent picture of the douglas party of five for our christmas cards. we knew she'd do an awesome job with the help of her assistant/daughter haley.

also, the leaves have recently started to change just as beautiful as ever and we wanted her to capture that thus being the reason we chose our location. in all honesty, i don't know how she does it. i felt so frazzled trying to get the girls to sit still for five seconds during each pic. one would be good and then the next one would get up and dance around. they are some sweet sweet messes, and we have come to find out that nothing works better than bribing them with candy in which melissa had in her pocket. we were given a glimpse of what was taken that day, and they turned out beautifully. can't wait to see the rest, but until then, here are some samples. thank you, melissa!