Saturday, November 12, 2011

g'dale vs. tri-county playoffs

our gardendale rockets remain undefeated for the season and have been dominating in the playoffs. this weekend, we played tri-county at the football fields in pell city. abby and all the girls cheered their hearts out as the boys brought home another win which puts us into the final championship game next saturday. everyone is so excited. here are some pics...after the football game was over, we decided to let the kids walk over to the nearby lake that was right beside the sports complex. looking out on the water was absolutely beautiful. it was so windy and immediately gave you that feel good high. there was a gazebo that we couldn't resist entering and taking some pics while enjoying the scenery. mothers, like daughters...lastly, we walked over just a bit more to the cusp of logan martin lake where the kiddos enjoyed throwing/skipping rocks into the water. they were having so much fun and i know for a fact that if time had permitted, i could have stayed there for hours just watching them enjoy the simple things in life. man, how i love being near a big open body of water. all in all, it was a great start to one busy fun day. here are some pics...