Wednesday, November 30, 2011

growing like weeds

as tradition would stand, every year around each of the grandkids birthdays, pawpaw would measure their height against the corner wall of the lakehouse. since everyone has been so busy, thanksgiving was the best time in which he had the opportunity to put both abby and lyla who have late summer birthdays (july and august) up to date.

truth be told, i always love when my dad does this because although i am aware that they have grown, it is nice to see just how much and especially in comparison to each other. for example, at one time abby, carson, and lyla were all around the same height. it wasn't until this last year where lyla has definitely taken the lead for being the tallest at age three. i could hardly believe it. looks like we'd better make more wall space for when baby jemma and grant take their turns. gotta love it...