Saturday, November 5, 2011

happy 2nd birthday, caden!!

saturday morning, we headed out the door in honor of caden's 2nd birthday. his party was held at his house with a "thomas the train" theme and started around 11:00am. melissa hired a real choo-choo train to come that drove all the kiddos around their neighborhood. abby and lylie absolutely loved it. oh, and of course lylie had to bring "kitty" along for the ride even though at one point she lost one of her shoes. furthermore, for being girls, my sweet munchkins sure are train obsessed. they did not want to get off that thing. it was too cute. here are some pics...later it was time to come inside to sing happy birthday to the special boy and eat some yummy ice cream and cake. every little thing was perfect from the tiny to big details...i sincerely wish i had a creative party planning bone in my body like some of my friends. instead i have pinterest which makes me feel creative even though i never know where to start. i digress. so we sang happy birthday and watched as caden blew out his candles. here are some pics...lastly, since melissa is a professional photographer she thought it would be cute and fun to set up a "photo booth" inside her studio. she began taking pictures of all of the kids with added pieces of fun flair such as hats, party blowers, oversized sunglasses, and my personal favorite...stick on mustaches. it was great and hilarious. the kids loved it, but i think the parents enjoyed it more. she uploaded and tagged some of the pics to facebook which caused immense laughter all night. here are a few...see?...i told you they were great. all in all, it was an awesome birthday party. thanks for having us, melissa and happy 2nd birthday, caden!! xoxo


A Mom to Two Lil' Ones said...

what a neat birthday - so creative! had no idea you could rent a thomas train!

love the pictures at the end of the blog post - hilarious!

Melissa Wells said...

so much fun! thankss for your sweet comments and thanks so much for coming!!