Saturday, November 12, 2011

happy 4th birthday, campbell!

after abby's cheerleading and lylie's soccer game, we decided to eat lunch at jay's favorite mexican place, chuy's, before making our way to a birthday party for one of lylie's classmates. the birthday boy was campbell who also has an older brother (fletcher) who is in abby's class so both were excited to play with their friends.

also, the funniest thing ever was when we first got there, abby ran up to the birthday boy's mom and introduced herself as "fletcher's girlfriend." we both thought it was hilarious. i had no idea that little lady would be so courageous as to do something like that, but it really was sweet. thankfully, his mom thought the same thing because i kept hearing her repeat the news to other family members and at one point told me that she had to go to their car to get fletcher's other helmet because he didn't want his girlfriend to see him wearing his old one. ha! love it. absolutely love it. they chased each other on their scooters around the park the whole time while lylie jumped around in the bounce house and played t-ball. here are some pics...later it was time to sing happy birthday to campbell as he blew out the candles on his sports themed cake. everyone enjoyed cake and ice cream, and then it was time to bust through the pinata and open up gifts. overall, it was a beautiful day to play at the park with friends. happy happy birthday, campbell!after the birthday party, the sun was beginning to go down and it was absolutely the most beautiful sunset i have seen in a long time. the sky was filled with magnificent pinks and purples and while i know this sounds cheesy, throughout the day little things like that overwhelmed me. it made me feel like they were "god signs" reminding me of how wonderful life is. just like being at the lake earlier that day, i could have sat there for hours just taking it all in. take a look for yourself...earlier that morning, our besties invited us over to come watch the football games at their house once the birthday party was over with. considering we knew it was going to be a long busy fun day, we jumped at the opportunity. nowhere feels as comfortable as a second home like their casa. the famous "mitchili" was made and jay cooked our current favorite "dougdip" (so appropriately named by stacy) for everyone to share as well. all of the munchkins played great together and lyla covered herself in stickers which later jay said was the "stickerpox." all in all, a wonderful day.