Thursday, November 24, 2011

happy thanksgiving: round 1

our thanksgiving day started off by celebrating with my side of the family up at mamaw's farmhouse around 11:00am. my dad cooked the turkey while mamaw made all the sides and aunt reda baked the desserts. everything was absolutely delicious and it was good to spend some time with our cousins that we don't get to see too often. here are some pics...later after everyone ate and enjoyed their meal, we walked outside in front of the old barn where it was decided that it would be the perfect spot for this year's traditional family picture in which my mom and dad will use as their christmas card. as usual, jay set up his camera as we all smiled our best smiles. then we took a couple more different variations of pics. here they are...of course with our normal, pretending to be a civilized family comes the after "crazy shot" pictures...because let's be honest, you know a few were taken. here are a few of those gems...last but certainly not least, comes the highlight of the day. so rewind if you will. perhaps a couple of years ago, lola started bagging some of our old stuff up and putting it in the old barn for preparation of her yard sale that she was planning to have. after scanning through some of our old belongings that rested on the floor, karmie spotted an old box that had many different old hats inside. she wondered, hoped, and prayed that perhaps maybe her favorite baseball cap of all time (her stanford hat) would be inside. sure enough, it was. she retrieved said hat, made the loudest shriek i've ever heard, and ran around in circles, screaming in celebration. it was hilariously awesome. oh, and i found my old john carroll hat from high school too. score. here are some pics...