Thursday, November 24, 2011

happy thanksgiving: round 2

after celebrating with my side of the family in cullman, we left and headed back home and just one street over to nan's house to celebrate with the douglas clan. our thanksgiving dinner started around 4:00pm where nana lin and nan had most of the sides already prepared. papa john brought over the yummy turkey and everyone else brought either another side, appetizer, or dessert to share. everything was scrumptious deliumptious, and at one point, baby jem-jem was placed as a centerpiece in the middle of the table while jay fed her some mashed potatoes. it was pretty cute. here are some pics...due to the april tornadoes that wiped out the family's restaurant business, this year marked a new location for the festive holiday. thankfully, the seating arrangements worked out great and all the kids enjoyed running around and playing with each other in nan's den. although the area is no where near as big as the restaurant was, we all enjoyed being together. and that's what thanksgiving is all about. hope everyone had a great thanksgiving! xoxo