Saturday, November 12, 2011

lyla's last soccer game

saturday also marked lyla's last soccer game for the shades valley YMCA fall season. her team "white lightening" played awesome. jay took some great action shots from the sidelines as lyla ran after and attempted to kick the ball throughout the game. she has definitely taken to soccer much better than we expected her to. that little one surprises us more and more with each day. here are some pics...lastly, the game ended and all the children ran through the victory tunnel. soon after, congratulatory cupcakes with soccer balls on top were passed out as the team had a little celebration after the game. coach taylor also passed out a trophy to each player and lyla thought it was the coolest thing ever. it is after all her very first trophy and she deserves it along with the smile on her face. way to go, lylie! we're so proud of you. here are some pics...