Saturday, November 19, 2011

rockets championship game

saturday morning marked the 75# mid-state championship football game between the gardendale rockets and the clay-chalkville cougars. the competition took place on neutral soil at leeds' high school football field at 10:00am. the guys played their little hearts out while our girls cheered them on. we came out with a win and it was so much fun celebrating being champions. those little rockets deserved it after having a great 2011 season. (side note: in the second to last pic, abby is standing beside one of her great friends and neighbor, lexie. she comes over to play all the time now and our front door is always swinging open. they love playing with each other.) here are some pics...after the football game, all of the cheering going on really worked up our appetites. jay and mitchelle were craving some yummy wings so they decided that we'd all meet up at the nearest buffalo wild wings for lunch. the kids all played with the video games while we waited on our food to come out. bailey came with us too and everyone played great. we watched the football games on the big screen and demolished some wings. after lunch, the mitchelles invited us over to their house to watch the bama game so that we did. gotta love game day with our favorite people. hooray for football saturdays in the south and go rockets!!