Thursday, November 17, 2011

thankful thursday's thoughts

1.) i am thankful that sweet baby jem-jem has just recently learned how to wave "bye-bye" with her hand. these little milestones are popping up right and left lately. it is bittersweet. my baby is growing fast.

2.) i am thankful for a messy house that i pick up every night once everyone is asleep because it means that my kids are happy and alive.

3.) i am thankful for challenges because they make us stronger. oh, how they make us stronger.

4.) i am thankful for my abby who although is shy one minute, she is super silly the next. she hates to disappoint or get in trouble and she loves doing homework.

5.) i am thankful for my lyla who is super lovey dovey one minute, and then telling you to "go away" the next. she loves to help mommy clean up and loves to point out every dog/cat/squirrel that she sees while on our drive home.

6.) i am beyond thankful for my hard working smart husband. what people don't realize is that this man works nonstop. seriously. nearly every hour of the day and night. that's the glory and fun of being VP of never leave "work" at work and yet he still makes so much time for us. with this debilitating economy, we are extremely blessed even if little to no sleep is involved. he is unbelievably amazing.

7.) i am thankful for sarcastic humor with a side of dirty and the friends who can appreciate it.

8.) i am thankful for my patience. the older i get, the more tolerant i have become. i have finally started to realize that letting something bother me is not worth the wasted negative energy. just ignore it. it use to be so hard, however now i know that "patience truly is a virtue."

9.) i am thankful that we are making life decisions based on what we believe is right for our family and not anyone else's.

10.) i am thankful for rainy days spent cuddling with my baby, list-making, steam cleaning the carpets, lunch, laundry, and carpool.

11.) i am thankful for family vacations because time spent together making memories and laughter are better than any inanimate object in our book. they are what make us feel most alive. we haven't had one yet this year so to say we are excited about our upcoming one is an understatement.

12.) i am thankful that hubs jokingly tells our girls that there will be no dating until they are driving and employed. there's always a slight truth in a joke. love it.

13.) i am thankful that baby jemma is going through a stage of separation anxiety when i leave the room. because what once use to annoy me because i felt like i couldn't get anything else done, now makes me feel needed and appreciated. i will soak up this cuddle time. don't doubt me.

14.) i am thankful for God and my faith. i believe in Catholicism and I refuse to let anyone take that away from me by telling me that i'd like xyz church better. no thank you. my roots are strong.

15.) i am thankful for pictures because they make me so incredibly happy to have those precious moments frozen in time forever. and ever. amen.

16.) i am thankful for back rubs and nights where i get to pick the movie off netflix. FYI: "let me in" is a great slightly old movie that hubs and i both enjoyed which says a lot because usually jay falls asleep within the first 30 minutes of something i pick out. lol.

17.) i am thankful and over the moon because my sweet juicy baby just said her first word & it was, "Momma!!!" This is a big deal for me because both of her older sisters' first word was "Dada." Yay!!!! 3rd's a charm & my night is complete.