Thursday, November 3, 2011

thursday's thoughts

1.) Today I am thankful for a happy healthy baby who likes to wake me up babbling & eating her hand thanks to her two new bottom toofers that are coming through. #MonthOfThanks

2.) My toddler walked around singing "Jesus loves me" while trick or treating tonight. It was beautifully comical. #LovingTheLordOnHalloween

3.) RT @anjeanettec: I love Halloween. Or as Lady Gaga calls it, amateur night.

4.) Went to bed starving, woke up starving. This must be what skinny girls feel like. Coffee, don't fail me now. #GoodMorningBeautiful

5.) Drove through UAB's campus tonight & noticed roads were blocked off due to bonfire in mini park since it's Homecoming Week. Ahhh, #GloryDays.

6.) Today I am thankful for the makers of Midol because alleviating my cramps & bloating is no joke. #MonthOfThanks

7.) RT @capricecrane: If you're genuinely surprised about Kim Kardashian getting divorced, I need to tell you something about Santa Claus...

8.) Thankful for my iPhone & it's endless hours of enjoyment as I sit & wait for my hair to be done did. #MonthOfThanks

9.) I absolutely adore early November when all the leaves start changing into a beautiful picturesque collage of my favorite colors. #DazedAndContent

10.) Thankful for a rainy day that makes me want to catch up on the sleep I missed last night. Unfortunately, still waiting for the opportunity. #MonthOfThanks

11.) Nothing annoys a UAB fan more than hearing about the UAT (university of alabama in tuscaloosa)'s Board of Trustees turning down our proposed on-campus football stadium. Listen, we don't want to be Auburn or Alabama...we're just tired of (as Karmie calls it) "Lesion Field." We deserve a safer better stadium which will not only boost our school spirit, but also Birmingham. Little Bear Bryant, Jr. can suck it. #FreeUAB

12.) On a lighter note, I really enjoy sitting down and watching/helping Abby with her homework. Seeing her read each page of her assignment out loud makes me so proud. Also, it's awfully sweet when Lylie tells me that it's her turn to do homework too. #LoveMyGirls

13.) I sincerely apologize for the grammatical errors that may pop up in this blog. I tend to bust these posts out really late at night when my brain is already fried from a really long day. Blogging is my disease. I don't know how to cure it, nor do I want to.

14.) Thankful for my BFF @StacyMitchL for always lending a helping hand with my offspring. No matter what, she's always unselfishly there for me. Love her like pasta. #MonthOfThanks

15.) I miss TV. I miss my DVR. I miss vegging out to reality filth and Modern Family. #MustCorrectThisASAP

16.) At dinner the other night, we talked about how neat it is that Jay and I produced a brown eyed baby, then one with slightly hazel eyes, and now one with beautiful blue eyes...we joked that the filipino gene has been washed completely out. then it was suggested that we have just one more and maybe it will be completely asian looking and really dark all around, thus making our genes turn "full circle" through our children. I think we'll stop at three.

17.) Thankful for the Hubs who has given me a last minute green light to go to the Christmas Village Festival in search of some super cute matching pjs for the girls before we go to the North Pole Express to visit Santa. Color me excited!!! #MonthOfThanks