Thursday, November 17, 2011

twilight: breaking dawn premiere

thursday night was an evening some friends and i have been anxiously awaiting for quite some time. it was the night of the twilight saga: breaking dawn premiere and words cannot express how giddy we were to finally see it at midnight. thanks to, we all ordered our movie tickets through them which entitled us to early access where they rented out their own theater at the carmike summit. their doors opened up for us at 10:30pm. it was perfect. no waiting in lines or sharing a theater with a bunch of overly excited screaming tweens, but instead a group of giddy slap-happy twilight moms. it was awesome.

so rewind if you will. before the theater opened up at 10:30pm, we all met up to retrieve our movie tickets at their will call at sweet bones alabama (aka, the twilight lounge) where the breaking dawn pre-party took place from 7:00-10:00pm. we all arrived around 7:30pm and to no surprise, the place was packed with no seats available. since we all wanted to enjoy a bite to eat and slurp on some drinks, we decided to avoid waiting and headed over to chuy's for some mexican. of course they were packed too so we grabbed a few high top tables at the bar and started ordering some grub. the night was off to a great start. here are some pics...after dinner and good conversation, we jumped in our cars and headed to the nearby theater. stacy and i brought our snuggies from home because we know how cold theaters tend to be and nothing gives off better warm and fuzzies than a snuggie and all things twilight. upon walking up to the theater, we spotted a volvo (just like the one edward drove in the movie) parked on the platform which was supplied by royal automotive. it even had a cut out of the vampire sitting in the front seat. umm, did someone say "cheesy photo op?" of course you did. here are some we all walk in with tickets in hand and spot the red carpet which led us to the huge backdrop of the breaking dawn poster board. there was a lady taking photo booth style pictures and again (of course), i brought my own. we snagged a few quick pics, formed a line, and were then allowed to go inside our reserved theater. inside they supplied royal cup coffee and many doughnuts from donut joes. it was cute in the fact that some of the donut holes were made resembling vampire fang marks with two tiny dots and red jelly (blood) oozing out. i thought that was a cute touch.

also, there were swag bags located in each seat and door prizes were given away as we waited for the movie to begin. our row really racked up, and i'm proud to say that i won second prize which was a gift basket full of coffees and chocolates from royal cup. i seriously thought that i wouldn't win jack so it was a pleasant surprise. furthermore, keri won a nook and to say we were all happy and excited is an understatement. we also ran into other mommy friends there that night (ie, girls i went to high school with, old moms group peeps, and one of my favorite cheerleading moms). here are some pics...overall, it was a fantastic night. we really enjoyed ourselves and what i thought was going to be a looooong night, ended up flying by with fun. the movie was great with the exception of the campy scene when the werewolves started having a full conversation with human voices yet in animal form. i couldn't help but feel awkward during this scene and the moms sitting behind us felt the same way because they just started laughing at it. other than that, it was really great. hopefully the name "renesmee" won't be in the girls most popular names for 2012...something tells me i shouldn't bank on it though. hehe. all in all, a wonderful evening. thank you,!!