Saturday, November 5, 2011

UAB homecoming 2011

after the birthday party, we headed over to legion field in preparation of some tailgating festivities since it was the blazers' homecoming game versus houston. kickoff started at 6:00pm which gave us plenty of time to relax, chat with friends, and let the girls play. once we spotted UAB's mascot "blaze," we quickly ran him down for our traditional family photo. i swear that if our mom and dad were in the picture, it would have easily been their newest christmas card. hehe.

since it was homecoming, a lot of the old school AOIIs came out for the game. i tried to catch up as much as possible although it is so incredibly hard when you have three kids all of which are going in different directions. that said, it was really good seeing everyone at the tailgate for a "pi up" reunion. here are some the girls were begging to go over to the blazer village for some bounce house fun. this is their favorite part...that and lingering around every dance/cheerleader for a picture with them. i kid you not. they bounced around a bit, and then we all walked over to where the active sororities and fraternities tailgate. since they were welcoming alumni, we stopped by to say hey, were given super cute "AOII loves their blazers" buttons to wear, they offered cake to the girls, and then we posed in front of our huge wooden letters. even jay stood in front of his, wearing abby's panda hat. it was too cute seeing our little legacies in front of the greek letters that mean so much to us. here are some pics...the time had come for the football game to start so we all walked inside the stadium and found seats together. since it was homecoming, all of the former mr. and mrs. UAB winners were asked to come down on the field for recognition during the halftime show. karmie along with a few of our sorority sisters held that special title so they all went out there together. the funniest thing ever was the fact that karmie wore a "free UAB, free birmingham" t-shirt that maloney had made for her. she covered it up at first with her green jacket, but once they announced her name, she oh-so casually took it off revealing the words on her chest. it was awesome. the crowd went wild. admittedly, you will not find more loyal blazer fans than the crowd we hang out with. i love them all, and to top it all off, AOII won first place in the overall homecoming's good to see our actives still carrying on that tradition. alpha love and roses and go blazers!!