Sunday, November 13, 2011

uncork education

sunday night, jay and i escaped the house and kids for a bit and attended the "3rd annual uncork education wine and beer tasting event" benefiting the UAB alumni society. the event started at 5:30pm and lasted till 8:00pm where there was a silent auction, heavy hors d'oeuvres, and live music from the UAB jazz combo. we met up with friends and as funny as it sounds, it was refreshing to be at a grown up event where you felt the need to be on your best know, civilized and sophisticated and the such. luckily, there was a photographer there who walked around taking many pictures so we felt it was appropriate if we took a few of our own. i love when i'm not the only one with a camera. lol. here are some pics...lastly, some highlights of the night were when jay and stinky realized that they were indeed wearing the exact same camel colored blazer from jos a bank...what was even funnier was when jay said, "yeah, i got mine on a huge sale" and then stinky said, "well my grandmother gave me mine." it was awesome. then they wanted a quick pic and stinky said, "yay, i'm making kim's blog!" his comment cracked me up. i love my friends because they know me well. this one's for you, stinky...lastly, one of the items up for winning was a mini bar stacked with a variety of different liquors with a value of $1k. jay along with a few of the other guys bought a key for a chance to win. throughout the entire night, all the guys walked around comparing keys to see if they matched up thus guessing who might potentially have the winning key. jay couldn't find one who matches his so we thought our odds were high. long story short, i was handed about 10 keys from the guys knowing that their key wasn't the winner because it already matched up with someone else's. when it came time to go up as your number was called, i went 10 times. i'm sure everyone thought, "whoa, this lady really wants to win." hehe. our last key was #41 and the winner was #42...too bad, so sad, we didn't win...but it sure was a ton of fun playing the guessing game on who would. we really really really enjoyed ourselves that night. walking back to our car on UAB's campus on such a beautiful windy night gave me butterflies as i held jay's arm and told him, "wow, we haven't walked these streets like this in years." it was a great reminder of our younger more carefree days. great night. great night indeed. here are some pics...