Friday, November 4, 2011

weekend adventures with kitty

long story short, every weekend in lyla's class someone is allowed to bring home "kitty" for a slumber party and some adventures. this weekend marked lyla's turn with the adorable stuffed feline and to say she was excited is an understatement. she was over the moon. as soon as we arrived home, lylie couldn't wait to tear into kitty's suitcase and show abby what all was packed inside: clothes, shoes, toys, books, brushes, etc. they were having a ball sorting through all of kitty's stuff. here are some pics...lylie dressed kitty up in one of her princess costumes (sleeping beauty) while abby and lylie tried on their very own that were in their closet. it was adorable and they were having so much fun while watching cartoons. later after playing, sweet kitty fell asleep in her cheerleading uniform, resting on top of her nap mat. throughout the entire weekend, lylie took kitty with her every where we went. she really enjoyed this little "pretend playmate" and was sad to have to return her back to school. here are some pics...