Friday, December 23, 2011

4th annual bunco christmas party

friday night marked the traditional 4th annual bunco christmas party at christi's house. as always, wearing your best pjs was mandatory and the festivities started at 7:00pm. everyone brought a dish to share and an ornament which was wrapped and swapped in a hilariously fun game of dirty santa.

two ornaments that seemed to stand out were the 1.) jersey shore's "the situation" brought by heather and then 2.) the auburn ornament that was wrapped in alabama wrapping paper brought by melissa. i thought both brought quite a bit of laughs to the game. all of the other ornaments were beautiful just the same.

all in all, it was wonderful laid back night, chilling in pajammies, munching on good food, and enjoying great company. thanks for hosting another great christmas get-together, christi! here are some pics...