Thursday, December 8, 2011

abby's 1st school field trip

thursday morning, i dropped off abby and lyla at school and then met abby inside the church for a school-wide liturgy since it was a holy day of obligation, the immaculate conception. i got to sit beside her with her class as father walked around asking the questions to all the kids during the homily. it was a nice experience and reminded me of my childhood with the exception of trying to learn the new wording in some of the prayers. but that's a whole nother post that i'm sure i'll never get to. anywho.

after mass was over with, both kindergarten classes loaded up on the big bus as a group of moms loaded into big bertha so that we could all conveniently carpool together. we drove to calera at the heart of dixie railroad museum for a "polar express" themed field trip. once we arrived, all the moms helped set up the picnic tables with cookies and hot chocolate for a quick snack before boarding the train. here are some pics...once all the kids finished their snacks, we climbed on to the train and sat in our seats. there was a surprise mystery reader (OLS's 3rd grade teacher) who read the polar express book to everyone on the train. she even wore a conductor hat and a mustache. it was a nice touch. after listening to the classic story being read, abby and some friends stared out the windows and played with an app on my phone as we waited to arrive at the north pole. we finally arrived, and santa entered the train with a bunch of ho, ho, ho's. here are some pics...abby was excited to see the fat jolly man as she sat on his lap and told him what she wanted for christmas. santa gave her a silver bell from his sleigh (just like in the book) and a little snowman as a gift. abby, brooke, and isabelle were all so excited to shake their bells together and listen to the sweet little jingle in amazement. here are some pics...after each classmate had their visit with santa, we arrived back from where the train first started. we all unloaded off and made our way to the grass area where we laid down some blankets and enjoyed a picnic with the lunch that we brought.

once everyone was finished eating, we made our way into the museum so that the kiddos could walk around and explore all things trains. after the museum visit was done, it came time for the class group picture with their teachers in front of one of the huge trains. abby's class lined up perfectly since mrs. philbin bribed them with five extra minutes of recess if everyone cooperated appropriately...which of course, they did. that my friends, is why i love her teachers. all in all, it was wonderful first field trip for everyone. i'm so glad i got to experience it with abby and watch her play with her classmates and friends while enjoying new things. here are some pics...