Friday, December 23, 2011

abigail may douglas

age: 5 years old

nicknames: abby bug, the mabster, mabs

words used to describe you: sweet, sensitive, flirty, shy, funny, tender, mother hen, helpful, girly girl, people pleaser, happy, good listener, inquisitive, creative

dear abby,

you are now 41 pounds with medium brown hair that falls around your shoulders with warm dark brown eyes. you have a wonderful yearning for learning and love going to school. you like to ask me at least 50 times a day how to spell something so that you can write it down in one of your 15 notebooks and you love reading your homework to us.

you are our healthy eater and will some times decline ice cream and cake at birthday parties because you know that it's full of sugar. (disclaimer: i have no idea where you caught on to this because this is not something that we preach. clearly. lol) however, it does amaze me to know that you have more self discipline than a lot of people including myself. i do however try to teach you that "everything is okay in moderation." a treat every now and then is indeed good for you.

when you are tired, you are extremely sensitive and cry easily. we have found that if we just leave you alone and give you some quiet "me time," you quickly come out of it. hey, mommy understands. i think every woman does. you hate being in trouble or feeling like a disappointment and usually always try to do the right thing.

you are becoming more extroverted and courageous out on the playground. things i wouldn't think you'd attempt, you are now mastering. believe me, it blew my mind to watch you go completely across the high monkey bars all on your own. i can tell you've been practicing.

you love your teachers and school nurse because if you have any complaints or ailments, you know exactly what to say to get a cough drop, a bag of ice, or a band-aid. you enjoy this extra bit of attention and will fake an injury to get it. it's pretty comical, but we are trying our hardest to "toughen you up." thankfully, you have inherited our silly sarcasm and jokes and enjoy laughing at yourself for minutes after something is said or done. you love to pretend that you are the mommy when playing with your siblings. you take care of them so well and enjoy telling them what to do. on the flip side, you share so unbelievably well. if someone gets upset because they want what you have, you offer it to them quickly. that is one of my most favorite things about you. oh abby, how much we love you! xoxo