Saturday, December 17, 2011

ceasar's annual tacky christmas party

so saturday was a busy day, but it couldn't have ended any better. once jay and i met each other at home after splitting up in order to celebrate to different important events, we changed clothes and donned our most tackiest christmas attire in preparation of tony and maloney's annual christmas party. we were so incredibly excited about our kidless night out together. our friend christi even came over to our house to watch the kids so our girls were excited to have some playmates over as well. it really worked out perfectly.

once we arrived at the party, we couldn't help but laugh and laugh as we scanned the room to see what our friends had dressed up like. tony and bates both dressed up as clark griswold from national lampoon's christmas vacation while lindsay dressed up as cindy lou who from how the grinch stole christmas. mostly everyone else dressed up in their tackiest christmas sweater vests and ridiculously cheesy turtlenecks. here are some pics...later in the night, it was time to play a "naughty" version of dirty santa. this is always a barrel full of laughs because no one holds anything back and the creativity behind some of the gifts are disgustingly brilliant. that said, i took some pics while playing this side-splitting game, but am fearful to post them here. in all honesty, i am trying to keep this blog at a PG level because i'm sure one day my kids will be reading this stuff years from now. and well, mommy and daddy are pure and innocent. slightly 6th grade perverted, but it's all in sh!ts and giggles. anywho. these are the only two pics i will post...if you happen to notice the raunchy wrapping paper, you can only imagine what was wrapped inside. here are those pics...the night was winding down so just like every year before, it was time to bust out some tunes on the ipod. everyone danced and just acted silly. the girls danced along to the electric slide, the charlie brown, and even taught us the new "wobble wobble" line dance. clearly, i don't get out much because i had absolutely no idea that it even existed. it was real. it was fun. it was real fun. can't wait to do it all again next year. happy tacky christmas!!


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