Sunday, December 25, 2011

christmas morning

abby woke up early on christmas morning where she walked to the den, saw all the presents that santa had left under the tree along with the stockings stuffed, then frantically ran back to their bedroom to wake up lyla. they were both so excited that they then woke us up, shared the news, and then ran downstairs to wake up their auntie jess in shouts of, "santa came, santa came!!"

everyone wiped their eyes open and headed back upstairs where the girls started tearing into their gifts. wrapping paper was flying everywhere and their excitement was contagious. oh, to enjoy the magic of christmas through the eyes of a child. here are some pics...apparently, they were all very good girls this year because each girl got what she wanted on her christmas list, including lylie who mostly wanted one special specific present: CHEESE!!!


haswell said...

I am dying laughing at the cheese! Why is it the little things that children are always excited about? Love the long family style table you guys did for the family Christmas! So sweet!