Sunday, December 25, 2011

the douglas family christmas

this year we offered to host christmas dinner at our house considering our usual traditional place (the family's restaurant: home field) had been damaged due to april's tornadoes and the city is still giving them difficulty with rebuilding. boo. hiss. so we wanted to make sure the family had a place to all come together and celebrate since "being together is the best gift of all."

thanks to the amazing help of auntie jess, preparing the food was easier than expected. jay woke up early that morning and started smoking two turduckens on his new green egg that he got a couple of weeks earlier in preparation of the holiday. i swear he grilled out nearly every night making sure he felt comfortable with the settings of his new toy. that man loves to grill out. thankfully, both of the turduckens turned out absolutely delicious. my favorite was the one that had the duck and dressing stuffed inside the turkey. here are some pics...lyla even helped spread out the french fried onions on top of the green bean casserole while jess and i set up and decorated the long table...we practically turned our den into a dining room and it worked out pretty great with just the right amount of chairs needed. here are some pics...once everyone arrived, we all stood behind a chair at the table, held our traditional english crackers (aka, goofy hats) while jay said the blessing, and then popped the crackers open to reveal a small little prize and a colored hat. it was then time to eat as everyone made their own plate full of every casserole imaginable. everything was sooo scrumptious deliumptious. here are some pics...after dinner, we broke down the tables and removed some chairs so that there was more room in the den for opening up presents. everyone bought something small for the kids while later the adults played a game of dirty santa. abby and lyla had so much fun dressing up in their new costumes and seriously tried on every single one. playing dirty santa was a blast, especially at the end when gracie swapped presents with jay so that i could ultimately have the massage envy gift card...i love that woman. here are some just when i thought i had my highlight of the night by winning said gift card, i was surprised again. auntie jess pulls something wrapped under the tree and says, "oh, we missed one...this is for you, kim." i looked at it and was confused. it said it was from santa. i knew i had already received a pair of boots from santa (aka, jay) so i wasn't expecting anything else. i tear into it. it's a pandora charm bracelet that i've been wanting for a long time, but only spoke of it once, months ago. i guess jay was listening. the charms he added to it were absolutely perfect. they were three little girls with each a beaded gem stone (abby, lyla, and jemma's birthstone). i loves, loves, loves it and never leave home without it. thanks, are so thoughtful and good to me. here are some pics...lastly, the night was winding down and it definitely felt like the best christmas we've had as a family together in a long time. the kids all played and got along great and the adults got to truly enjoy each other's company being that we were all within the same room the whole time. once everyone left, it made us realize how lucky we are to have such a strong support group on both sides of our family. and the fact the we keep growing is pretty awesome too. hope everyone had a very merry christmas. here are some pics...