Friday, December 16, 2011

elfcapades 2011

our elf on the shelf is named elvis and although he doesn't get sneaky and pull some serious shenanigans every night (ya know, because he's really tired by the end of a long day), he has done some funny stuff around the house for our girls.

for example, one morning they woke up to find him taking a bubble bath in their bathroom sink with some mini marshmallows. abby even swore that some sticky pieces of marshmallow were stuck on his lips where he tried to eat the bubbles just like what she does at bath time...then there was the morning where they found him hanging on tight by the candy cane on their advent calendar. they were worried that he was going to fall so told me to help him fast since "only mommy can touch him so that he won't lose his magic"...furthermore, there was the time were elvis rolled the berry trees on top of our kitchen table. he used up all of the toilet paper that was left and held on to the roll with that devious little smirk on his face. silly elvis. abby and lylie told him, "no, no, no!!" after he pulled that stint...then one morning, they woke up to find him reading lylie's favorite christmas bedtime book on baby jemma's pink rocking chair in her room. abby had just read that same book to lylie the night before so they figured that elvis wanted to enjoy it too...also, abby and lylie woke up super excited to see that elvis the elf had made popcorn and cupcakes the night before and made a huge mess by dropping his popcorn every where. he ate so much that he left a half eaten piece of cake on top of their play cupcake oven...which lylie quickly helped him finish. see, she's thoughtful like that at 6:00am...lastly, elvis got in big time trouble when the girls found that he stole some of their underwear and thought it would be funny to hang them in our christmas tree in the den. abby told him matter of factly, "those are our panties, not ornaments." then she told me to pick him up and move him somewhere else since he didn't belong there. it was actually quite funny...overall, these are just a few of elvis' adventures that have been going on within the douglas home. other nights, he'll just casually move from on top of the fireplace to the bottom of a kitchen cabinet. he honestly doesn't have to do much because the girls still get a kick at the slightest movement from the sneaky, little, magical, red suit wearing doll. oh, and if they are misbehaving, the words, "elvis is watching" helps straighten them up fast. maybe this little fellow should hang around year round...hmmmm...


dlmjackson said...

When I think awesome mommy, you are ALWAYS one of the first people I think of. You and Jason have such an absolutely precious family. Hope you guys have an incredibly Merry Christmas! -LeAnn

Kim said...

awww, you are too sweet!! thank you, and i hope you and yours have a very merry christmas as well! xoxo,