Saturday, December 3, 2011

girls nashvegas trip (continued)

saturday morning we overslept a bit, ate an amazing brunch, some went to the gaylord opryland resort to look at the christmas lights, some did some shopping at the green hills mall, and i got an hour long massage. that's what i love about this group. everyone knows that we're all on a "vacation" so you pretty much do what you fancy, but always end up with the group for dinner and the night time festivities. this night, selena had booked our tickets for this (and it was ridiculously awesome):

NashTrash Inc is proud to present our new series, The NashTrash Murder Mystery Dinner Tour! Climb aboard the Big Pink Bus for a rollicking adventure featuring a brand-new original show, "A Grand Ole Murder."

Join an all-new outrageous cast of characters as they try to find out who committed a dastardly murder that happened backstage in the hallowed halls of the Grand Ole Opry.

We've rounded up a cast of should-be country stars, and they'll have you rolling in the Big Pink Bus aisle. Help 'em solve the crime, or even join in the fun by being a part of the cast. It's murder, mayhem, music and mystery, NashTrash style!
when we arrived, they asked our group if any of us wanted to be in a part of the show. without hesitation, i nominated stacy and karla maria (my two BFFs) because i knew they would be awesome sports about it and i needed some good pics. ha! also, their ad lib was impeccable. here's more of what the night entailed...

BYOB! Bring your own tasty beverages (beer in cans, wine with plastic cups only, the trashier, the better), then you'll enjoy a country-style buffet supper at the fabulous Monell's at the Manor. And hey, they'll let you bring in those drinks for dinner, too! The cast will dine with you, so you can gather more clues to figure out who committed the dastardly deed. On the way back to the Farmers Market, your belly will be full and the case will be solved.

here are some pics...after the oh-so memorable nashtrash mystery dinner tour, we decided to enjoy the remainder of our night near the 2nd avenue district where the nightlife is just as fun. luckily, we found a bar with the most awesomest awesomest band ever. they played a vast variety of different songs that everybody in our group knew. love me some great cover songs, new and old. we all danced and sang the night away. we were given the reserved VIP booth that was located in the back of the bar shortly after arriving. we did kinda deserve it considering we walked into a ghost town bar, started dancing front and center to the band and no lie, about 20 minutes later, the place was slammed packed. we bring the party, b!tches!! hahaha. here are some pics...lastly, i don't really remember the walk home that night, but i was told that christi and lynda help escort mag and i back to our rooms...with the help of the luggage cart. yes. you read that correctly. don't judge me. i had the time of my life and i am forever grateful for friends like these. i'd have to say that this was the best girls trip yet. love to you all!! xoxo


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