Friday, December 2, 2011

girls nashvegas trip

the destination for our traditional girls trip was in nashville and we were all so excited considering it's a quick easy trip with so much fun stuff to do, especially their night life. karla maria, melissa, maggie, and i all carpooled together and left early on friday morning. we were the first ones to arrive including selena who was already there visiting her parents. the rest of our clan met up with us later that night. as for us, we checked in to our room at the doubletree hotel (perfect walking distance to everything) and then decided to start exploring our surroundings.

we made our way to broadway where we decided to eat lunch at the big river grille and brewing works. this restaurant has always been one of my favorites. from there, we decided to stop at the ryman auditorium for a tour of where the grand ole opry took place. walking around the historical theater was pretty cool. i visualized good ole patsy cline up on stage along with some skits from the ever comical hee haw tv show. we even got to get up on stage for a picture as we hammed it up with some guitars and the microphone. after that, we enjoy a margarita and live music at the nearby bar, the stage. our girls trip was definitely off to a great start. here are some pics...the rest of our group finally arrived as everyone freshened up and then met in the hotel's martini bar. from there, we all decided to cram into one cab (funniest cab ride ever and yet the night was still so young) where it took us to our dinner plans at demo's. it was family style italian, cheap and yummy. here are some pics...after eating a late dinner, we walked back to broadway where we all jumped back and forth to the different bars with various live bands. that's what i love about nashville...there's something for everyone's own personal music taste. there was new country in one bar and bluegrass in the hipster bar next door. the latter is where we met santa himself who seemed as nice as can be. he even took a picture with us as he talked about just leaving a kid's party. we told him how we were all moms with multiple kids and excited about having just a quick trip away for a bit. needless to say, santa got in a bar fight later in the night and we thought it was hysterical. here are some pics...lastly, i leave you with some pics of the highlight of the night where karla maria decides to ride a mechanical bull. ya'll she was pretty much as sober as one could be. she simply told the lady, "please go slow...i just want a picture on the thing." graciously, the lady made it nice and easy for her. i snagged some pics and we all laughed the whole time. the funniest part though was watching karla maria try to get up on the thing. thankfully, a big gentleman knelt down and told her to step on his knee in order to hoist herself up. again, it was hilarious. oh, how i absolutely love innocent fun on these girls trips. here are some pics...