Friday, December 23, 2011

jemma aubrey douglas

age: 9 months old

nicknames: jem-jem, jabbin' jemma, our miracle baby

words used to describe you: angelic, content, smiley, laid-back, beautiful blue eyes, juicy, blessed, cuddly, happy, bouncy

dear jemma,

you are 20 pounds with short light brown hair with a bit of your daddy's blond highlights underneath and the most beautiful blue eyes ever. you have come such a long way since you were born and we are so unbelievably proud and thankful of you. you amaze us each and every day. some times you like to bite on one of your lips and it makes the cutest face ever. you hate when mommy leaves the room and is out of your sight. it immediately makes you bring out your best fake cry with crocodile tears pouring down. no sooner than i pick you up, you are are like a switch and quickly happy again, bouncing around in my arms. it makes me laugh.

you like to sleep and when you get really tired, you shake your head from side to side and babble out loud. you love looking at your big sisters and interacting with them. they always want to help put your binky (pacifier) back in your mouth once it's fallen out and you always open your mouth up wide because you know it's coming.

when you get real excited while sitting in my lap, you will start to bounce up and down and practically do jumpin' jacks while sitting on my knee. you also are very ticklish under your arms and near your rib cage. a quick playful pinch and tickle there will send you into a giggling frenzy and hearing you laugh makes my heart warm and fuzzy.

you love to sit up and enjoy playing with your toys. you are only now starting to show a bit of interest in going places, but are not fully crawling yet. you will however quickly lunge at something and then go into the "tummy time" position. you hate being on your belly and your sisters know this because they are always there to quickly help you. you also enjoy standing up and playing in your excersaucer in the den and the mirror is your new favorite toy.

to no surprise, you are a very good eater. you tolerate fruit, veggies, meats, pasta, etc. well and have started eating table foods off of our plate too. we have recently discovered that you can chow down on a hot dog, but only after it's been cut up in super tiny pieces because you only have two bottom teeth and mommy is still quite paranoid of you potentially choking. you do love your "yum-yums" (apple cinnamon puffs) and could eat the whole canister in one sitting if we allowed it. you are slowly starting to use a pincer grasp as opposed to the raking motion of picking up your yum-yums. watching you do this is one of my favorite things about you. oh jemma, how much we love you! xoxo