Saturday, December 24, 2011

the johnson's family christmas

due to conflicting work and in-law schedules, we planned to celebrate christmas with my side of the family just a couple of days earlier at lola and pawpaw's house. dinner started around 6:00pm where lola had the table set beautifully and pawpaw cooked a yummy duck. he also made some fig pudding for dessert of which none of us have ever turned out really good and everything was delicious.after dinner, we all piled the munchkins on their tita karmie for a few fun pictures. they always seem to start off in phases: the normal pose, the crazy shot, and oh look, everyone magically fell asleep. it's great and the kids love it, including tita karmie. of course lola and pawpaw were next as all of their grandchildren climbed on top of them. gotta love moments like this...soon after, it was time for unwrapping the christmas presents under the tree. the girls tore into their gifts and really racked up this year with a bunch of their favorite things. it was so sweet watching baby jem-jem tear into her wrapping paper to reveal some much needed teething toys. between us adults, we all drew names and got each other one gift whereas everyone got something for the kids because after all, they are the ones who make it all worthwhile. here are some pics...lastly, once all the gifts were opened, along with hugs, kisses, and thank you's being exchanged, us big kids relaxed in the den while our little kids played with their new loot. the first thing lyla and abby wanted to dig their wee little hands in were the cases of make-up. lyla applied hers frantically on within two minutes of opening her box. she was so excited, and oh my, how beautiful she looked. here are some pics...