Saturday, December 17, 2011

karmie's nursing graduation

saturday at 2:00pm, i met up with my side of the family in honor of my awesome older sister's nursing graduation. karmie graduating with an advanced practitioner of nursing/primary care/psychiatric-mental health nursing degree. yeah, that was a mouthful, right? in short, she is now a psychiatric nurse practitioner and we are so extremely proud of her.

the best part of the over two hour long commencement is the fact that karmie was texting me throughout the entire event. she was hysterical saying things like, "the first time i graduated, i wore flip flops. now i'm in my hooker boots. growing up (sigh)." it was perfect as later when she was waiting in line to walk up to carol garrison in order to receive her diploma, she pulled up her green robe a wee bit to flash me her zexy boots. classic. then there was this text: "this is my third one and it's kinda boring. ask mom where she wants to eat. i want to dip early" also, this one was pretty funny too: "please don't yell or woo. it's undignified. tell dad. of course this will just make him do it." hilarious. here are some being that karmie let our mom pick the place for our family dinner, she chose the fish market downtown. we all happily agreed since their food is pretty awesome. jay and the girls weren't there because he took them to our nephew's birthday party with his side of the family (will blog this next) while karla and tre dropped the boys off with their babysitters. it all worked out great considering we all knew that there's no way the kids would be able to sit still for that long when even us adults were having a hard time trying to pay attention. hehe. all in all, it was a great ceremony in honor of an awesome big sis. we love you, and once again, are so proud of you, karmie!! xoxo