Friday, December 23, 2011

lyla scarlett douglas

age: 3 years old

toshy, lyla bug, lylie

words used to describe you: fearless, affectionate, free spirited, creative, stubborn, cuddly, happy, clumsy, sweet, helpful, strong, funny, dancer, and music lover

dear lyla,

you are now 31 pounds with light brown hair that falls a wee bit past your shoulders with warm medium brown eyes. you could live off snacks alone, preferably yogurt. you are a cuddler with mommy and love to rough house with daddy, especially by riding on his back and doing flips off his legs. you love to help clean up and never hesitate to start picking up your toys when i say, "this house is a mess!"

you get annoyed when i ask you questions repeatedly because i can't quite make out what you are saying sometimes. when you are tired, you don't like to rest in your bed, but rather the floor of where you were standing two minutes earlier. when we tell you to rest because your attitude is showing that you are tired, you like to lay on your side, head down, on the floor, till you fall asleep.

i love to watch and listen to you laugh. your eyes get all squinty (you get it honest) and you start to giggle through your teeth. it's the cutest facial expression ever and sometimes i firmly believe you just like to laugh at your own laugh.

you are oh so very clumsy, but tough at the same time. when you fall, you get right back up and need very little consoling if any at all. you love getting dirty whether it be in the mud, with paint, or smothering yourself with too much make-up.

you love when i tell you to go relay a message to big sister because you march right off and tell her so "matter of factly." it cracks me up. you love to either run around the house in just your panties or a lovely princess costume and i kid you not when i say that you change outfits at least five times a day. you love to sing and do it all the time even with added made-up lyrics of your own. that is one of my most favorite things about you. oh lyla, how much we love you! xoxo