Saturday, December 31, 2011

new years eve

this year for new years eve, we made plans at the very last minute. jay was comparing notes with tony on their newest grilling escapades when an impromptu get together was formed. gotta love how men and their meat come together in celebration of a holiday. it just so happens that it was maloney's birthday the day before so lindsay brought a cookie cake and we surprised her by all singing happy birthday as she blew out her candles. here are some pics...tony brought over some ribs that he had grilled out earlier that day while jay smoked a boston butt, and grilled hamburgers and hot dogs for the kids. all of the munchkins played great together and it was too cute watching abby push greer around in the play stroller. next thing you know, everybody was rotating turns. also, another sweet moment was when greer sat beside baby jemma to play and enjoyed helping her put her binkie back in her mouth. it was like a game they were playing with each other. she's spit it out, he'd put it back. rinse and repeat. here are some pics...while the kiddos played, we enjoyed watching football and chatting it up all night. we wanted a group pic of the kiddos, but the only way to make it happen was to pile them on top of me and ask random questions as a distraction method. it worked and they even wore their new years eve hats. even baby jem-jem and the godfather. score. here are some pics...later in the night, the guys headed outside with some of the kids in preparation of shooting off some fireworks and letting the little ones enjoy holding some sparklers. haswell and greer bounced on the mini-trampoline for a bit while jay and tony continuously handed lylie a sparkler after sparkler and then it came down to her double fisting two at a time. she's fearless and talented like that whereas careful and cautious big sister, abby, watched from the back porch. here are those pics...lastly, it was getting to the point of being past everyone's bedtime. this is when we decided to open up some sparkling grape juice for the kids to enjoy why the parents partook in the real bubbly champagne. it was the first time for greer to have a sip of the sparkling grape juice, and he loved it. also, it was so funny and sweet to see the girls clank their glasses together and say "cheers!" i had no idea that they knew to do that. these little ones truly do love a good innocent celebration. here are some pics...all in all, it was a wonderful low key new years eve with some great friends and their kiddos. everyone left around 11-11:30pm because they were fading fast. that's how you know you're getting old when you can barely make it to midnight to bring in a new year. after the house was quiet and our girls were asleep in their beds, jay and i counted down the new year together and watched the ball drop on the tv as we kissed each other for not only traditional purposes, but for a good night. farewell 2011, you definitely had your ups and downs, but we are more than looking forward to a fulfilling, healthy, and happy 2012!!