Tuesday, December 27, 2011

noccalula falls

over the christmas break, abby begged and pleaded that she wanted to spend her special one-on-one time with tita karmie since "it was her turn." that said, i called up karmie and told her of my child's request. she then tells me to send her over so that abby can spend the night and then they would go to either ruby falls or noccalula falls the next morning. in karmie's words, "depending on the weather, we'll go to chattanooga or gadsden. she won't know the difference either way...both are waterfalls." true. so very true.

so i drop abby off at her tita karmie's house where they make a fort in her den. check out those old school sports-themed bedsheets...awesome.the next morning they woke up to lots of rain, thus noccalula falls was named the adventure for the day. nonetheless, abby was excited. tita karmie told her of the legend of princess noccalula as they peered over the waterfall and saw the nearby statue. abby liked her long braids the best. if you're not aware of the story, legend has it that princess noccalula was arranged to marry a rich chief by her father, but instead was in love with a different man within her own tribe. instead of obeying her father and going along with the planned marriage, she jumps off the waterfall to meet her death and her troubles were over. not sure if a 5 year old can fully wrap her mind around that story, but oh well, some times disney is not much better. here are some pics...after their fun time at the falls, they decided to eat lunch at the waffle house since abby was craving eggs and grits. a girl after my own heart. also, i love that they took pics of this. all in all, abby had a great day with her tita karmie.