Sunday, December 18, 2011

the north pole express

sunday, jay and i got the girls ready in their super cute matching christmas pajamas and then loaded everyone up in the car. we thought we left at a decent time in order to make it to the heart of dixie railroad in calera...but boy, were we wrong. there was so much traffic and once you hit slightly before lakeshore, it was bumper to bumper. as we looked at our clock, it read 7:43pm and our train departed at 8:00pm.

jay admitted that he didn't think we were going to make it in time. i told him to never doubt me. we made it. by the skin of our teeth. as in, we sprinted as hard and as fast as we could, carrying all the kids (one of which was still shoeless) all while screaming, "stop the train!!" ya'll, it was hysterical. like out of a flippin' movie. luckily our besties were already on the train waiting for us and had saved our seats with them. we finally got settled in and took some pics. so how does the "frazzled and out of breath" look...look on us? this year, they changed things up a bit. instead of a conductor being inside our freight train and reading "the polar express" book to us, they read a different themed christmas book over the intercom. then once it was finished, the elves handed out a gold key in which the kids are to hang on their christmas tree to let santa know that they have been to the north pole...thus the name "north pole express" and not "the polar express." the girls also enjoyed dancing with the elves in the aisle inside our train while christmas carols were being sang on the overhead. here are some pics...we finally arrived at the north pole where the girls waved at santa and mrs. claus through their window. they were so excited and it was really sweet. after patiently waiting just a few short minutes, they boarded our train and the girls got to take a cute picture with santa and mrs. claus. all three of our girls were all smiles and it made my heart smile as well. this is what it's all about...memories like these...lastly, once their visit with santa was over with, cookies and chocolate milk were passed out to everyone along with their own surprise from santa. abby and lylie received a beautiful silver snowflake ornament while baby jem-jem received a little red and green striped beanie baby dog. they were all so happy, and to be honest, jay and i couldn't have been any happier knowing we didn't miss that train. ahhh, good times. good times, indeed. here are some pics...


Jan said...

I so want to do this!! Looks like a fantastic holiday activity!