Thursday, December 15, 2011

thursday's thoughts

1.) Heard on the radio that "funny" rather than the new sexy. My thoughts? I'll never diet again. #HeHeHe

2.) Random Fact #865: I love dorks because I am one.

3.) My 5 y/o's current favorite hobby: Videotaping herself on my phone where she narrates her day to a friend & then signs off by saying "Boom." #Hilarious

4.) Random Fact #864: Nothing is sweeter than a sleeping baby. #ItsTheLittleThingsInLife

5.) Not sure if it was the all day #PolarExpress field trip, my newly diagnosed hypothyroidism, or the late dentist appointment at four yesterday, but I fell asleep at 6pm. #MommyDown

6.) RT @Julius Sharpe: From now on when someone sneezes, I'm going to say, "Tebow bless you.

7.) Glad to see that #McwaneScienceCenter no longer uses those plastic badges, but now big stickers to wear. Both very practical & green. #Kudos

8.) Good friends show up when you ask them to, great friends show up when you don't ask them to, and best friends show up with wine. #SGP

9.) Lunch date with the Hubs: Where #Newks soup and sandwiches go to live and die in my belly. #YummyGetInMyTummy

10.) Tis the season to donate 13 bags full of clothes & toys to #HannahHomes. Clutter is gone & giving is good. #AWinForAll

11.) Overheard Abby tell her crush bye with the added pet name of "Fletchy-Wetchy" at which he responded back "Bye, Dougie-Dougie." #KindergartenNicknames

12.) I love the man already. Go Blazers!! RT @UABathletics: Question: What drew you to UAB? "It was the people." - #GarrickMcGee #NewFootballCoach

13.) Last night's pictures: All I can say know it was a damn good time when tonsils are visible in nearly every pic. #NashvilleB!tches

14.) First weekend in months were it's wide open. No birthday/holiday parties/kids' extracurricular activities. Oversleeping, here I come! #Boom

15.) While holding my baby & making a whole new bottle of formula, she smacks it out of my hand & it runs down my leg. Yeah. That just happened. #Crappit

16.) Random Confession: Hi, my name is Kim. And I'm addicted to almonds.

17.) RT @badbanana: Bad news is I fell out of my rolling desk chair. Good news is I landed in some kind of yoga pose, so I'm counting this as exercise.

18.) Want to blog. Need to blog. #Charter connection slow as molasses in January. Uploading pic, pain in rear. Let me tell you how I really feel.

19.) Kids were jumping on couch & fell in the Christmas tree. Immediately, they start crying. Not because they are hurt, but because they are scared of getting in trouble after Mommy told them to stop. #MommysAlwaysRight

20.) Just spent last hour pairing up every single random sock that my kids own. As agonizing as it was, it needed to be done. #HateMissingSocks

21.) RT @anjeanettec: I've never experienced drug withdrawal, but I forgot my chapstick today and have been unraveling ever since.

22.) Monday annoyance #1: Waking up & realizing that I forgot my toiletry and makeup bags at the hotel, hundred miles away. Nobody look or smell me today, please.

23.) Hubs and I are slightly addicted to watching every episode of each season of #HowIMetYourMother. What would we ever do without Netflix? #OurNewFavoriteShow

24.) Monday annoyance #3: Garage door fell off the rail, found hammer & fixed it back into place. This only delayed me 15 minutes. That I didn't have.

25.) Monday annoyance #2: Accidentally stepped into a huge water puddle while running & carrying the baby & 3 year old to dance class in rain. Left pant leg remained freezing & soaking wet for the last 5 hours in which I was away from home. #NoBueno

26.) Monday Joyance #1: Finding $13 in my old jacket pocket. The day is slowly on the up and up...

27.) Cosmo's Pizza: The best in Birmingham. #Fact

28.) "You make the world a better place by making yourself a better person." -Scott Sorrell

29.) Monday Joyance #2: Finally home, eating yummy chicken-n-dumplins in a warm house with my family, & competing against Hubs in Wheel Of Fortune. #ItsTheLittleThingsInLife

30.) Thanksgiving quote of the day: "We can't go in there. We suck." Spoken by the three year old to her Tita Karmie. #HappyTurkeyDay

31.) When a family member crop dusts in kitchen & the smell of it makes it's way to dinner table...that's when you stop eating. #HappyTurkeyDay

32.) I have absolutely no idea what I'm going to wear to Turkey Day tomorrow & it makes me anxious. #FirstWorldProblems

33.) Christmas cards came today so I addressed, stamped, & sent them off. This is definitely an "earliest send out" record for me. #GladThatsOver

34.) Severe weather turned out tame so we enjoyed family night at movies to see #PussInBoots. Favorite quote: "Throw a rock, you'll feel better."

35.) Just had a flashback that made me shutter and giggle to myself. Three words: Dean and Company. #Yowzas

36.) Random Confession: Nothing makes me feel more empowered than wearing a new bra. #NewfoundSupport #ItsTheLittleThingsInLife

37.) Had such a fun day at Abby's first field trip to the Polar Express today. Funny observation though...watching all the moms tell their kids what to do as they continue playing, however, as soon as the teacher says, "Let's go"...their ears perk up & they quickly obey. Conclusion: Teachers must have super human powers.