Saturday, December 10, 2011

where purging finds a lovely reminder...

i'd love to tell you how exciting our weekend was, but unfortunately it was exactly the opposite. and oh, how nice and refreshing it was. lol. i believe it was our first weekend in a really long time for us to be able to oversleep (actually, there's no such thing when you have young kids...who am i kidding?) and just enjoy lounging around. of course being the busybodies that we are, we couldn't sit still long enough before deciding that now was the time for some serious purging. as in decluttering and cleaning out our entire house. even my wonderful hubs cleaned out the garage and found a 2006 phone book in the closet under our stairs. like, whoa. our garage needed some organization in a really bad way. thankfully, the christmas lights from last year that rested in the middle area in between our cars are now where they belong and are decorating our yard.

i suppose since we have offered to host christmas at our house this year for jay's side of the family, it was enough motivation to simplify things and make every nook and cranny look somewhat decent. whew, it feels sooo good to finally get that done.

lastly, i stumbled upon these old framed collages of pictures from our yester years and sat in front of them just reminiscing for awhile. most of the pictures are from jay and i's freshman/sophomore year in college. see the big red heart? that was his personal invitation to my sorority's crush party from me. funny how a crush nearly 13 years ago turned into my one and only love of a lifetime. i am getting ridiculously giddy just thinking about it. good golly, i absolutely love that man.