Tuesday, January 31, 2012

topsy turvy tuesday

We ate lunch with Abby in her school's cafeteria today & enjoyed seeing her & her friends dressed up in mismatched tacky clothes for Topsy Turvy Tuesday in honor of Catholic Schools week. Being out of uniform makes one silly!

Monday, January 30, 2012

happy 31st birthday, daddy!!

for jay's birthday, we stayed in and made it really low key because when it's the beginning of a busy work week, that's all he really wants...to relax and be with the ones he loves. so per his request, i made spaghetti and meatballs for dinner while the girls surprised him with their own special touch of a decorated cookie cake. after dinner and baths, we sang happy birthday to the one man we all love the most. happy happy birthday, jay/daddy!! xoxo

jem-jem's playmates

Sunday, January 29, 2012

circus 2012

every year for jay's birthday, we always attend the circus because it usually falls just days apart from each other. we've started this tradition before we ever had kids and it's one we look forward to every year. this year, the greatest show on earth's theme was "the dragon." there were many asian acrobats and dragons galore. with each obstacle/act that the acrobats faced, they were asked if they had the strength, wisdom, character, and heart to defeat the dragon. it was a cute little storyline, i suppose. here's a pic...(backtrack if you will) so we arrived early to the circus so that the girls could walk down into the ring and get involved with a bit of what the circus entails. they enjoyed dancing with the clowns to the dragon dance and it was a good way to get the wiggles out before sitting still for hours. which they did. even the baby. we were so proud. here are some pics...the girls enjoyed their ridiculously overpriced cotton candy (hey, it was still a lot cheaper than the snow cones. lol) as they watched the show, and even baby jemma clapped and waved at some of the performances. i asked abby and lyla what their favorite part was...abby's response: "the girls hanging out of the bubble in the air." lyla's response: "the tigers." mommy's response: "the eight motorcyclists driving around in the small ball of steel." seriously. it was quite impressive. all in all, a great circus experience...until a lady puked on my shoe. read my thursday's thoughts for that gem. here are some pics...

Saturday, January 28, 2012

OLS talent show 2012

saturday night came with a quickness as the Golden Warrior Awards Talent Show was upon us. the show started at 6:30pm inside the parish hall. it was mentioned that this year had the most involvement of students counting at over 40 acts. we arrived early and snagged the closest seats we could find. there was a red carpet, faux golden globe decorations, lights, music, and a whollatta glitter. abby along with her friends lined up by the side of the room as everything was being organized. they practiced their cheers a few times while waiting as jay, lyla, jemma, lola, pawpaw, and i sat in our seats waiting for the show to begin. here are some pics...abby's group, "the cheergartners" were the second act on stage. they came out and the lights seemed to shine so bright on them. they started out with the dynamite cheer which led into the rowdy cheer then finalizing their routine with a "go warriors!" it was awesome. the crowd laughed as they rotated their pom pom held hips, chanting, "tick, tick, tick, tick, BOOM, dynamite...BOOM, dynamite" as they jumped in the air. they did fantastic and we couldn't have been more proud of them. here are some pics...after each act, the kids received their very own golden warrior award certificate with this lovely quote on it,

"Your talent is God's gift to you. What you do with it is your gift back to God." -Leo Buscaglia

we're so proud of you, abby. to be honest, momma's just happy you had enough courage to even go up on stage. job well done, and we hope you use your many talents to the best of your ability. love you, sweet girl. xoxo

Friday, January 27, 2012

rehearsals and surprises

friday night, abby and i headed to her school for her talent show rehearsal. grades K-8th were all partaking in the fun event and thankfully, abby's group (the cheergartners) were the second act to go up on stage making the jitter bugs a little less evident. i'll be honest, i think i was more nervous than my kid. as shy as she tends to be sometimes, she says she loves being on stage and wasn't nervous. i'm fairly certain it's because she seriously wants to be T-Swift and if given the chance, she would have loved to sing nicki minaj's "super bass." i'm not even kidding.

anyhoo, the cheergartners went up on stage and performed their best. they were so cute and it made looking forward to the actual night of the talent show that much stronger. i didn't bring my good camera this night, but i did take a cute picture on my cell phone as they rested on the ground watching the irish dancers perform. we were all loving every second of watching each act practice their routines...after their rehearsal was over with, stacy and i looked at our clocks and noticed that we still had time to make maggie's surprise birthday dinner given by her hubs at surin downtown. we were just minutes away and by the time we sat down at the table, everyone had just started ordering. it was perfect and we were so happy to see the birthday girl. luckily, we are all close enough of friends that it was okay to bring abby and brooke as well. we ate sushi and laughed throughout the entire dinner. thank you so much for having us. happy happy birthday, mag! xoxo

Thursday, January 26, 2012

thursday's thoughts

1.) After picking up Lyla from school, she tells me..."Alex cracks me up. He said he pooted in his panties." #FunnyBoy

2.) Favorite Spann-ism of the night: "This storm has hung in there like a rusty fish hook...like a hair in a biscuit." #Whaa? #LovesMyJamesSpann

3.) "The best security blanket a child can have is parents who respect each other." -Jane Blaustone

4.) RT @TheBloggess: I just received 2 unsolicited emails to tell me I've unsubscribed from getting unsolicited emails. #Touché

5.) Abby likes for me to play with her hair and rub her back for two minutes before she falls asleep. She is definitely her mother's daughter. #SnugglesAndCuddles

6.) Baby got over pink eye & now has bronchiolitis & a double ear infection. She's absolutely pitiful & it hurts my heart. #With3Kids1AlwaysSick

7.) "When I die, friends will go to my funeral, good friends will cry at my funeral, but my best friend will change my facebook status to "Chillin' with Jesus." #Pinterest

8.) Best thing about siblings is when baby likes to play the game: "Throw my rattle & someone else pick it up for me." #HoursOfAmusementForAll

9.) RT @FillWerrell: "Money can't buy happiness, but it can buy cake and it can buy beer. I would say that's about even."

10.) Martina McBride's song, "Love you through it" makes me whimper like a puppy whose tail just got stepped on. #CancerSucks #MustChangeRadioStation

11.) You made me laugh so hard, tears ran down my leg. #Pinterest

12.) Running on no sleep with a sick baby and a huge painful zit under my nose while my sleepless eyes twitch & sting. Wednesday, have mercy.

13.) I can relate: No matter how old you are, no matter how badass you think you are, when a toddler hands you their ringing toy phone, you answer it. #Pinterest #OhYesYouDo

14.) life lesson #762: never assume a three year old is too cute & innocent to lock the rest of her family out of the house while they enjoy dinner outside on the back porch. because it will undoubtedly happen. oy vey.

(here's an explanation) one night this week, jay grilled out some scallops and corn for us. we decided to eat outside since the weather was wonderful. well lyla went in to get a juice box and closed the door behind her. then she played a game of peek-a-boo behind the blinds and vanished for two minutes. i went to open the door after her and it was locked. we tried telling her how to unlock it, but she just twisted the knob the whole time and said she didn't know how. admittedly, i started to slightly panic without trying to freak her out.

Surprisingly she wasn't scared, but she did get impatient and annoyed that she couldn't understand how to unlock it. once the door was opened, abby told her, "lyla, don't ever do that. who would make you a corn dog or chicken nuggets if mommy and daddy can't come in? you'd only be able to eat yogurt and applesauce." i think big sis said it all.

Jay said, "Thankfully we didn't eat hamburgers for dinner and I was able to pick the door with a fork." Hooray for utensils and the fact that it wasn't double-bolted. #LifeWithKids

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

wordless wednesday

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

date night with tita karmie

tuesday night, we (abby, lyla and i) met up with tita karmie for dinner and a movie as a special date night. tita karmie wanted to take the girls to see "beauty and the beast" in 3D and in all honesty, i wanted to tag along. as crazy as it may be, i've never seen the disney movie and if i'm a mom of three girls...well then, i feel the need to know the story of each princess. here's a pic i couldn't resist...in all honesty, i'm so glad we saw this movie. it was really cute. i love the meaning behind it and my favorite part was when the beast was so excited to show belle his ginormous library since her nose is always buried in her books. it was very sweet. of course, the transformation scene was pretty amazing too when everything is in 3D. all in all, it was a great girls night out watching a princess movie for all ages. thank you, tita karmie! xoxo

Monday, January 23, 2012

tornado alley?

early monday morning around 3:30am, we were woken up by the tornado sirens and texts on my cell phone. the weather was turning bad and tornadoes had already touched down and were headed our way. we headed to our safe place and watched my favorite weather man, james spann on the news broadcast. when he said, "he respect the polygon"...we obeyed. we watched as it luckily moved just south of us and caused no damage.

as the tornado turned, it made it's way to my mom and dad's neighborhood in center point. thankfully, they were okay with minimal damage of a tree falling over their wooden fence. easily replaceable, whereas their lives are definitely not. that morning after the schools opened up at 10:00am, i drove over to my mom and dad's house to find them without power and my mom raking the leaves. i was so glad to see her. i knew everything was fine in her eyes when she told me, "i guess your daddy and i will go bowling tonight." love it. here's a pic of one of the trees that fell, missing their house...

as i left, i drove around a bit more in the winewood area. it seemed like every tree was blown down and some houses were completely wiped out as well as their local jet pep gas station. crazy sad. also, according to the news and facebook pictures, neighborhoods in the trussville/clay area received the most damage. there were two deaths total (a 16 y/o girl and an 82 y/o man). praying for families everywhere. it's crazy to think that this is the second string of deadly tornadoes to whip through alabama in less than 9 months of each other. when did we become the new tornado alley? now every time i hear the sirens, my heart starts racing. here's a picture of a neighborhood in trussville that was taken from a friend on facebook...

Saturday, January 21, 2012

go warriors!!

saturday, abby was scheduled to cheer for the OLS basketball team at 1:00pm. the boys played prince of peace and although it was a great game, we lost. the girls cheered their hearts out though and had fun watching. here are some pics...soon it was time for the halftime show where the cheerleaders lined up on the court for some cheers and then their personal own. when it came to abby's turn she jumped up with her pom-poms in the air and screamed her name. she looked too cute. here are some pics...after the basketball game was over, abby and a few of her friends (brooke, meredith, isabelle, and lila) went outside to practice a couple of their cheers that they plan to perform at next weekend's OLS Talent Show. they are all excited and screamed to "our team is dynamite" and "let's get a little bit rowdy" better than any kindergarteners i've ever seen. i can't wait to see them up on the stage. here are some pics...lastly, once the girls were done practicing, we headed over to chuy's at the summit for some yummy mexican and margaritas with our besties. the weather was absolutely amazing being in the 70s in january that we decided to eat outside on the back patio. the breeze, view, and company were amazing. it truly was a great saturday. here are some pics...

Friday, January 20, 2012

bunco night

friday night marked our monthly bunco festivities although i'm not even sure why we still call it bunco when we never play the game. i guess it's just an excuse to get out of the house and hang out with the girls for a bit. it couldn't have come at a better time considering jay had been traveling for the last two weeks, and i needed a change of scenery to relax and unwind.

earlier that day, jay took off work and we ran some errands as well as went house hunting. we haven't had much luck as far as finding our dream home and since this next house is going to be the house that we plan to live in forever, we are not looking to settle. that said, we found a lovely neighborhood with lots for sale that is located within the perfect distance of his work and the girls' school. it is central to everything and that is what we want. we have saved up a good little nest egg and plan to use it for building our own house. taxes have already been filed which will be added on to the money we want to spend on a lot. this is what we are hoping for, but nothing is set in stone yet. we are honestly taking our time with this huge decision considering it's a big life change. excited, nonetheless.

i see i have gone off subject. hmm, where was i at? okay yeah, so stacy hosted bunco at her house and it was fun catching up with everyone and talking about houses, renovations, etc, etc. all in all, a great night. thank you for having us, stacy! here are some pics...

Thursday, January 19, 2012

thursday's thoughts

1.) Abby: "Someone said the bad "S" word today." Me: "Oh? Which one is that?" Abby: ((whispering)) "Sexy." #ConfusedOverFourLetterWords

2.) Baby Jem-Jem is finally on the move!!! #WatchOutWorld

3.) A person who is nice to you, but not nice to the waiter is not a nice person. #Pinterest

4.) I love Miss Alabama because she represents my fine state, but whoa. That bow belongs on a Christmas tree and not on her dress. #MissAmericaPageant

5.) Is it too early to be fantasizing about spring break? Because I am already fantasizing about spring break. #SGP

6.) Worst of 2011: The roller coaster ride that baby Jemma endured while being in the NICU during her first month of life. It was the scariest thing we have ever been through as a family, yet it has made us stronger that we ever thought possible.

7.) Best of 2011: The amazing love and support that surrounded us during that very difficult time. The doctors, nurses, and other healthcare providers that played a big part of baby Jemma's success and most importantly, God for watching over us. We are truly blessed.

8.) The only reason I'm fat is because a tiny body couldn't store all this personality. #Pinterest

9.) Worst of 2011: The destructive tornadoes that whipped through the state of Alabama on April 27th. Many lost their lives, loved ones, homes, and jay's family's business was destroyed as well. it was a very devastating day in the south. prayers for everyone.

10.) “Intelligence plus character--that is the goal of true education.” ~MLK, Jr.

11.) Little old ladies who like to poke my juicy baby when we're out & about make me slightly annoyed, yet flattered too. #CantSayIBlameThem

12.) Best of 2011: Jay earned a new title at work, "Vice President of IT." We are so proud of him and his continuous dedication and hard work to his company.

13.) Worst of 2011: Jay's car accident when he got rear-ended at a red light by someone who was clearly not paying attention. Although his car was totaled, luckily he was okay. Thank God the kids were not in the backseat.

14.) RT @badbanana: If I seem disinterested it's only because I'm a terrible actor.

15.) Five days of single parenting & although I handled it pretty well...it's for the birds. Count down in T minus four more hours & the man of the house will be home. Yipppeeee.

16.) Call me old fashioned, but I actually take relationships seriously. #Pinterest

17.) Shameful Confession: Just finished watching the movie #Moneyball with the Hubs. And I cried. There. I said it. #PeteYoureAGoodEgg

18.) Sweet Baby Jem-Jem currently has pink eye in both eyes. Bless her heart, she is so pitiful. #HateItForHer

19.) The creative adult is the child that survived. #Pinterest

and finally,

New Years resolution: "Do good, Feel good." I really want to try and apply this to every aspect of my life. Admittedly this is one thing that has been bothering me...when everything was going wrong with baby jem-jem and we were being showered with thoughts, prayers, gifts, gestures, etc...i may not have been the best at correspondence. meaning, i was thankful. oh how very thankful we were, but i know there are some "thank you" notes that i never quite made the time to write. or if i did, it was months later. to this day, i still have a bit of guilt about that. i realize it might be "understood" that we are indeed thankful, but i seriously don't want it to go unnoticed. that said, if you get a random thank you note from me through snail mail, please know that we are still thinking of how much you guys have helped us last year. there is no way we would be where we are at today without the love and support. so thank you. much love to you all. xoxo

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

wordless wednesday