Friday, January 20, 2012

bunco night

friday night marked our monthly bunco festivities although i'm not even sure why we still call it bunco when we never play the game. i guess it's just an excuse to get out of the house and hang out with the girls for a bit. it couldn't have come at a better time considering jay had been traveling for the last two weeks, and i needed a change of scenery to relax and unwind.

earlier that day, jay took off work and we ran some errands as well as went house hunting. we haven't had much luck as far as finding our dream home and since this next house is going to be the house that we plan to live in forever, we are not looking to settle. that said, we found a lovely neighborhood with lots for sale that is located within the perfect distance of his work and the girls' school. it is central to everything and that is what we want. we have saved up a good little nest egg and plan to use it for building our own house. taxes have already been filed which will be added on to the money we want to spend on a lot. this is what we are hoping for, but nothing is set in stone yet. we are honestly taking our time with this huge decision considering it's a big life change. excited, nonetheless.

i see i have gone off subject. hmm, where was i at? okay yeah, so stacy hosted bunco at her house and it was fun catching up with everyone and talking about houses, renovations, etc, etc. all in all, a great night. thank you for having us, stacy! here are some pics...


heather said...

I know this is off topic of bunco but where did you find your girls soccer cleats? My 3 yr old is going to play this year & I cannot find a toddler size 8 cleat in I follow your blog after your in-laws told me about it when Jenna was born.

Kim said...

hi heather,
we got the girls' cleats at the champs at the summit. they are surprisingly hard to find in certain sizes, hope this helps!