Sunday, January 29, 2012

circus 2012

every year for jay's birthday, we always attend the circus because it usually falls just days apart from each other. we've started this tradition before we ever had kids and it's one we look forward to every year. this year, the greatest show on earth's theme was "the dragon." there were many asian acrobats and dragons galore. with each obstacle/act that the acrobats faced, they were asked if they had the strength, wisdom, character, and heart to defeat the dragon. it was a cute little storyline, i suppose. here's a pic...(backtrack if you will) so we arrived early to the circus so that the girls could walk down into the ring and get involved with a bit of what the circus entails. they enjoyed dancing with the clowns to the dragon dance and it was a good way to get the wiggles out before sitting still for hours. which they did. even the baby. we were so proud. here are some pics...the girls enjoyed their ridiculously overpriced cotton candy (hey, it was still a lot cheaper than the snow cones. lol) as they watched the show, and even baby jemma clapped and waved at some of the performances. i asked abby and lyla what their favorite part was...abby's response: "the girls hanging out of the bubble in the air." lyla's response: "the tigers." mommy's response: "the eight motorcyclists driving around in the small ball of steel." seriously. it was quite impressive. all in all, a great circus experience...until a lady puked on my shoe. read my thursday's thoughts for that gem. here are some pics...