Tuesday, January 24, 2012

date night with tita karmie

tuesday night, we (abby, lyla and i) met up with tita karmie for dinner and a movie as a special date night. tita karmie wanted to take the girls to see "beauty and the beast" in 3D and in all honesty, i wanted to tag along. as crazy as it may be, i've never seen the disney movie and if i'm a mom of three girls...well then, i feel the need to know the story of each princess. here's a pic i couldn't resist...in all honesty, i'm so glad we saw this movie. it was really cute. i love the meaning behind it and my favorite part was when the beast was so excited to show belle his ginormous library since her nose is always buried in her books. it was very sweet. of course, the transformation scene was pretty amazing too when everything is in 3D. all in all, it was a great girls night out watching a princess movie for all ages. thank you, tita karmie! xoxo