Saturday, January 7, 2012

go warriors!!

saturday marked the beginning of abby's cheerleading season for OLS's basketball teams. the squad consists of kindergarteners through 2nd grade and they all cheer for different grade levels depending on what time their coach decides. there are no weekly practices, no super early game times, games only last an hour, and they don't nickle and dime you for every little about my kind of a more laid back cheerleading season, hooray!

the only hiccup was that the company in which the uniforms were ordered from delivered the wrong tops so the girls were told to wear their field trip t-shirts instead until the problem was fixed. no worries, they all still looked cute and were excited nonetheless. lola came to watch because we all know she adores her sports and her grandbabies. another fun surprise was finding out that jackie boo was coaching the 2nd grade girls team who were scheduled to play OLV at 2:00pm. here are some pics...abby sat with her classmates and two BFFs (brooke and isabelle) in the bleachers as they cheered different chants and shook their pom poms. little sister lylie wanted in on the action too and sat beside abby the whole time cheering right along. it was the sweetest thing ever. abby's coaches even let lylie perform alongside her during the half time show where they all formed the letters "O-L-S" on the court. after a couple of more cheers, they all lined up as each girl walked to the middle, shouted her name, and then did some sort of gesture or stunt. here are some pics...lastly, i am saddened to say that the pictures i got of both abby and lyla as each one performed in the middle came out so incredibly blurry. i guess i was in complete shock as we watched lyla do her best somersault in front of the whole gymnasium. then abby shouted her name and took the biggest jump with pom poms shaking in the air. i was so proud. seriously. it's times when i worry that they are going to clam up and freeze is when they shine brighter than they ever have. i have a feeling this basketball season is going to be so much fun. go warriors!!


A Mom to Two Lil' Ones said...

I LOVE that Lyla was right out there in the middle of it all!!! Even if you didn't get the pictures you wanted - you get to have the memory in your heart forever!