Saturday, January 21, 2012

go warriors!!

saturday, abby was scheduled to cheer for the OLS basketball team at 1:00pm. the boys played prince of peace and although it was a great game, we lost. the girls cheered their hearts out though and had fun watching. here are some pics...soon it was time for the halftime show where the cheerleaders lined up on the court for some cheers and then their personal own. when it came to abby's turn she jumped up with her pom-poms in the air and screamed her name. she looked too cute. here are some pics...after the basketball game was over, abby and a few of her friends (brooke, meredith, isabelle, and lila) went outside to practice a couple of their cheers that they plan to perform at next weekend's OLS Talent Show. they are all excited and screamed to "our team is dynamite" and "let's get a little bit rowdy" better than any kindergarteners i've ever seen. i can't wait to see them up on the stage. here are some pics...lastly, once the girls were done practicing, we headed over to chuy's at the summit for some yummy mexican and margaritas with our besties. the weather was absolutely amazing being in the 70s in january that we decided to eat outside on the back patio. the breeze, view, and company were amazing. it truly was a great saturday. here are some pics...