Saturday, January 7, 2012

grill out with the schweikhers

(disclaimer: this post is out of order and i am currently too lazy to find my calendar and back date it so we will stick it here.)

so apparently the green egg was the christmas gift of the year if you are a male proud of grilling meat. jay, tony, matt, and mitchelle all got one and i kid you not when i say that grilling/smoking/cooking something on it has been the highlight of much discussion between the men folk. i digress.

the other day, matt invited us over since he had plans to smoke a 6.5 pound boston butt on his new toy overnight for 14 hours and chose us to reap the rewards of his labor. we were so excited and brought a side dish along with ice cream and the fixings for the kids to enjoy after dinner. heather also made us some pomegranate martinis and everything was amazingly delicious.

(one more disclaimer: in the rush to get out the door, i forgot my camera so i took just a few on my phone. my eyes always look like a zombie's for some reason, but we'll just look past that. thanks. :D)

here are some pics...
lastly, it was also the day of the rose bowl where oregon beat wisconsin in a fierce game of football. all of our munchkins played the whole time while the guys watched the game. later in the night, they all started playing "dress up." there were so many different costumes to chose from that i know my girls were in heaven because this is currently their most favorite thing to do right now, especially for the three year old. they were too cute. abby and ellie wouldn't allow me to take their picture until the blue eyeshadow was located and oh-so beautifully placed on their sweet faces. as for jem-jem...i'd like to call her "BABY GAGA." hollywood, call me.