Sunday, January 15, 2012

guys ski trip 2012

(rewind if you will: a long time ago, i asked jay this question: "if something ever happened to me, what's the one quirk you'd miss the most?" his answer: "probably something that use to annoy me, but now i have grown to actually love taking pictures." it was that moment when i realized just how much that man was created just for me. and how blessed i am that he appreciates and loves me because if i am anything, it is definitely an obsessed mommarazzi.)

before i begin, this is the one picture i was really truly hoping and pleading that jay would take for me. thankfully, he got his ski instructor to take it for him who later posted it onto their website for jay to look at later. as soon as i saw, i swear i laughed for a good five minutes while abby asked, "what's so funny, momma?" she didn't quite understand the hilarity of daddy "tebowing" in denver on top of a snow-capped mountain. it was awesome. i was so jay, matt, jon, and michael got together for a guys trip. they all wanted to go skiing so they chose breckenridge as their destination. they left super early at around 4:30am on wednesday and arrived back home on the following sunday night. they stayed in a condo near peak 8 where they did most of their skiing. he also said they skied on peak 7, 9, and some went to the keystone ski resort on friday. they had an amazing time and skied all day. jay said that they all had intentions of going out at night, but after a long day of skiing, everyone fell asleep around 9:00pm and did it all over again the next day. too funny. here are some pics that he took with his camera phone...
lastly, here are just a bunch of random pics that were taken inside their condo. i honestly have no idea how to narrate these pics so i'll just let them speak for themselves. seem to me like a wee bit of shenanigans were taking place. the last pic is of their view from looking out of their condo and i thought it was absolutely beautiful. almost like a christmas card. here are some pics...soooo...apparently this is what a guys trip looks like. a lot of skiing. a lot of drinking. a lot of goofing around. and a lot of this...

YUM. glad you guys had fun!!