Saturday, January 14, 2012

happy 6th birthday, ellen!

saturday i took the girls to their friend's birthday party at serendipity sweets in vestavia. this was our first time in the quaint little candy/ice cream shop and they loved it. the celebration was in honor of ellen who was turning six. once we arrived, all the girls sat down at the table and began making and pouring their own "sand art" into tubes, but of course the sand was really different colored sugar. their creations turned out beautifully and then were quickly inhaled. here are some pics...after that activity, the girls got to play a game of "pin the cherry on top of the ice cream cone" that was located in the corner of the shop. this game is always a classic favorite. they played, sat back in their seats, and then the ice cream was handed out along with a variety of different toppings for them to choose from. the girls ate their ice cream as we all sang happy birthday to ellen, and then later they all got together for a group picture. all in all, it was a wonderful mommy/daughters outing. happy birthday, ellen!! here are some pics...


Anonymous said...

lylie looks AWESOME in that baja!