Sunday, January 1, 2012

new years day 2012

although my side of the family has always had the tradition of getting together on new years day, this year we decided to change it up a bit. tita karmie decided to host it at her house and the theme was "come wearing your pajamas." we arrived around noon, and it was laid back, fun, and perfect. we ate our black eyed peas for good luck, collard greens for prosperity, and noodles for a long healthy life. everything was delicious and the atmosphere of being in tita karmie's house together as a family felt really comforting. here are some pics...the first one is of the girls and i with tita karmie. coincidentally, we all wore our hair in pigtails. too cute.after eating the traditional superstitious foods, tita karmie and jay ran to the store to pick up some graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate in order to make s'mores right out of the awesome fire pit located in the middle of her den. this is abby's favorite thing about tita karmie's house. they had so much fun doing this, and the s'mores turned out absolutely scrumptious. i'm fairly certain that lylie enjoyed them the most. here are some pics...later in the day, we all decided to play a game of phase 10. i'm not gonna lie, my family is very competitive so playing games like this is always a good time. seriously. what's not to love about some healthy fun competition? ya'll we played for nearly five hours. FIVE.HOURS. it was ridiculous, exhausting, but more importantly, the most fun we've all had together in a really long time. here are some pics...later, karmie's roomate khristale came home and gave candy cane flavored hershey kisses to the kiddos...they rejoiced and thought she was the coolest person ever. khristale then joined in with us as we continued our fierce game of phase 10. it was the perfect wind down to a great day as we enjoyed a new year by being surrounded with the ones we love. hope everyone has a fulfilling, healthy, and happy 2012!! xoxo