Friday, January 27, 2012

rehearsals and surprises

friday night, abby and i headed to her school for her talent show rehearsal. grades K-8th were all partaking in the fun event and thankfully, abby's group (the cheergartners) were the second act to go up on stage making the jitter bugs a little less evident. i'll be honest, i think i was more nervous than my kid. as shy as she tends to be sometimes, she says she loves being on stage and wasn't nervous. i'm fairly certain it's because she seriously wants to be T-Swift and if given the chance, she would have loved to sing nicki minaj's "super bass." i'm not even kidding.

anyhoo, the cheergartners went up on stage and performed their best. they were so cute and it made looking forward to the actual night of the talent show that much stronger. i didn't bring my good camera this night, but i did take a cute picture on my cell phone as they rested on the ground watching the irish dancers perform. we were all loving every second of watching each act practice their routines...after their rehearsal was over with, stacy and i looked at our clocks and noticed that we still had time to make maggie's surprise birthday dinner given by her hubs at surin downtown. we were just minutes away and by the time we sat down at the table, everyone had just started ordering. it was perfect and we were so happy to see the birthday girl. luckily, we are all close enough of friends that it was okay to bring abby and brooke as well. we ate sushi and laughed throughout the entire dinner. thank you so much for having us. happy happy birthday, mag! xoxo