Saturday, January 7, 2012

showering baby adelyn

saturday after the basketball game, jay took the girls home while i made my way to a dear old high school friend's baby shower. rewind if you will: i love this girl. we use to be awesome friends back in the day. we carpooled to mostly every function together and her mom fed us digiorno's pizza on a regular basis. we had some great times with janby and i'm so excited about meeting her first baby, adelyn elise.

her shower started at 3:00pm where we munched on some food, played the normal baby shower games, and watched as she opened up her presents. lauren and marge were there as well and it was a lot of fun reuniting and catching up with them. all in all, it was a wonderful baby shower, and i can't wait to meet that sweet baby girl. congrats again, janby! xoxo