Thursday, January 12, 2012

thursday's thoughts

1.) My buttercup baby likes to pinch me. Hard. Maybe it's in reciprocation for Mommy always pinching her sweet cheeks. #AllIsFairInLoveAndWar

2.) Truly appreciate preemptive measures, but why does the Vestavia Fire Department always have to camp out beside their #YMCA? #MoveOverPeople

3.) It is a proven scientific fact that almost nothing in this universe is better than Target at Christmas. #SGP

4.) My skin is so itchy and dry that I'm seriously contemplating taking a bath in a tub full of shea butter lotion. #AGirlCanDream

5.) Abby's PE teacher gave her a surprise: Hannah Montana wrapping paper. We came home & Abby decided to wrap her baby sister in it. #SmileyMiley

6.) Got my boy fix tonight by finally finishing Christmas shopping for all six of our nephews. Less variety in choices made it easy peasy.

7.) This week is so extremely busy that I seriously have to worry about something one day at a time or my head will undoubtedly explode. #Fact

8.) New holiday scented hand soaps and candles on sale at #Bath&BodyWorks make this momma a happy girl. #ItsTheLittleThingsInLife

9.) I know they say "Don't judge a book by it's cover"...but admittedly, I judge a dude by the shoes he's wearing. #SeriouslySaysAlot

10.) Absolutely adores my 3 y/o talking to me in 3rd person. Told her I need a kiss & she responds, "Lyla give you a kiss" with a big ole smooch.

11.) Things that make you go #WTF: 67 degrees. 5 days before Christmas. Something doesn't feel right.

12.) Apparently I have been watching too many #HowIMetYourMother episodes because I find myself narrating events in my head as if someone's listening.

13.) Getting holiday pedicure after neglecting the piggies for nearly 6 months. I believe the lady used a cheese grater on the soles of my feet.

14.) The stage is set: As in our house is officially ready for our 1st attempt of hosting Christmas for family tomorrow. #BringIt ((Jazz hands))

15.) This year for Christmas, we never had to pack our family up and leave our house. That alone makes it the #BestChristmasEver.

16.) When asked the five year old what her favorite present from Santa was...her response was, "That's easy. The #HelloKitty gumball machine. Because it's something I can share with everyone." #BeStillMtBeatingHeart

17.) Gotta love laying beside my toddler on her bed & pulling the "fake snore" method in which she then purposely copies thus making herself fall asleep so that Mommy can creep back to my own bed. #<3

18.) On Christmas night random dog sneaked into our house. All I could think about was reliving #AChristmasStory & having to eat Chinese instead. #OyVey

19.) Today marks the 2nd day of the baby's Albuterol breathing treatments every 4 hours for 4 days. I'm exhausted with one super hyper baby. #WheezingGoAway

20.) Has one ridiculously hyper baby thanks to these meds. She is seriously doing jumping jacks on my knee. #CrackIsWhackAndAlbuterolIsABall

21.) We love family lunches at #Mugshots, but I hate that everyone else and their mother do too. #WaitingSucks

22.) Can't wait to one day tell my kids, "I remember when there was no Internet & made my first email addy as a freshman in college." #LikeWhoa

23.) Me thinks it's pretty funny when my 5 y/o always corrects my pronunciation of the word "the." Apparently, it no longer sounds like "thee."

24.) My kids are more than kinda obsessed w/ watching Sophia Grace & Rosie sing Nicki Minaj's #SuperBass on Ellen. Mommy Loves them too. #YouTube

25.) RIP Gene Bartow #GoBlazers

26.) Running on two hours of sleep. Fear me. #Rowr

27.) Trying to eat a salad while half of your mouth is still numb (post dentist appointment) is not only frustrating, but nearly damn impossible. #BooHiss

28.) Kind of obsessed with all things #MatildaJane especially when they have a 50% off sale with $2 shipping. #Boom

29.) Note to self: Perhaps I should slow down on taking too many pictures, therefore I might actually catch up with my blogging. #TheresAThought

30.) Just polished the inside of Big Bertha with baby wipes. Hey, a mom's gotta do what a mom's gotta do. #MultitaskingPurposesMeetResourcefulness

31.) You know you live in the south when only the time you get a note in your child's folder about having no homework is the night of the #BCS National Championship football game. #Sweet

32.) So my mom called to announce that my dad bowled his highest score tonight: 268 which consisted of 8 strikes and 2 spares. #HeSoMagic

33.) Random Fact #643: When my juicy baby blows out her tongue & splatters spit all in my face, I secretly love every second of it.


A Mom to Two Lil' Ones said...

#5 is hilarious, #12 - I do the same thing :) and oh my word on #18!