Thursday, January 19, 2012

thursday's thoughts

1.) Abby: "Someone said the bad "S" word today." Me: "Oh? Which one is that?" Abby: ((whispering)) "Sexy." #ConfusedOverFourLetterWords

2.) Baby Jem-Jem is finally on the move!!! #WatchOutWorld

3.) A person who is nice to you, but not nice to the waiter is not a nice person. #Pinterest

4.) I love Miss Alabama because she represents my fine state, but whoa. That bow belongs on a Christmas tree and not on her dress. #MissAmericaPageant

5.) Is it too early to be fantasizing about spring break? Because I am already fantasizing about spring break. #SGP

6.) Worst of 2011: The roller coaster ride that baby Jemma endured while being in the NICU during her first month of life. It was the scariest thing we have ever been through as a family, yet it has made us stronger that we ever thought possible.

7.) Best of 2011: The amazing love and support that surrounded us during that very difficult time. The doctors, nurses, and other healthcare providers that played a big part of baby Jemma's success and most importantly, God for watching over us. We are truly blessed.

8.) The only reason I'm fat is because a tiny body couldn't store all this personality. #Pinterest

9.) Worst of 2011: The destructive tornadoes that whipped through the state of Alabama on April 27th. Many lost their lives, loved ones, homes, and jay's family's business was destroyed as well. it was a very devastating day in the south. prayers for everyone.

10.) “Intelligence plus character--that is the goal of true education.” ~MLK, Jr.

11.) Little old ladies who like to poke my juicy baby when we're out & about make me slightly annoyed, yet flattered too. #CantSayIBlameThem

12.) Best of 2011: Jay earned a new title at work, "Vice President of IT." We are so proud of him and his continuous dedication and hard work to his company.

13.) Worst of 2011: Jay's car accident when he got rear-ended at a red light by someone who was clearly not paying attention. Although his car was totaled, luckily he was okay. Thank God the kids were not in the backseat.

14.) RT @badbanana: If I seem disinterested it's only because I'm a terrible actor.

15.) Five days of single parenting & although I handled it pretty's for the birds. Count down in T minus four more hours & the man of the house will be home. Yipppeeee.

16.) Call me old fashioned, but I actually take relationships seriously. #Pinterest

17.) Shameful Confession: Just finished watching the movie #Moneyball with the Hubs. And I cried. There. I said it. #PeteYoureAGoodEgg

18.) Sweet Baby Jem-Jem currently has pink eye in both eyes. Bless her heart, she is so pitiful. #HateItForHer

19.) The creative adult is the child that survived. #Pinterest

and finally,

New Years resolution: "Do good, Feel good." I really want to try and apply this to every aspect of my life. Admittedly this is one thing that has been bothering me...when everything was going wrong with baby jem-jem and we were being showered with thoughts, prayers, gifts, gestures, etc...i may not have been the best at correspondence. meaning, i was thankful. oh how very thankful we were, but i know there are some "thank you" notes that i never quite made the time to write. or if i did, it was months later. to this day, i still have a bit of guilt about that. i realize it might be "understood" that we are indeed thankful, but i seriously don't want it to go unnoticed. that said, if you get a random thank you note from me through snail mail, please know that we are still thinking of how much you guys have helped us last year. there is no way we would be where we are at today without the love and support. so thank you. much love to you all. xoxo