Wednesday, February 29, 2012

leap day playdate 2012

thanks to stacy for hosting a laid back get-together, baby jem-jem's first playdate happened to fall on leap day with friends, baby grant and baby cruise. they were so cute as they all sat there picking up building blocks and handing them back and forth to each other. minutes later, jemma was off crawling to a different room. in the words of lola, "i liked it better when she didn't move around so much." so true because now my little lady is into everything. oh, how i love these juicy babies...

wordless wednesday

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

mommy's little helper

Monday, February 27, 2012

moms night out

monday night marked the time for our usual dinner and blood orange margaritas at pinches tacos. this time the majority of our discussions were based upon life changing ones like tornadoes, house fires, and diabetes. we listened to each person share a bit of their past as i swear to you half of us teared up, gave hugs, and then laughed about it. it was like our own impromptu therapy session. here are some pics...

Sunday, February 26, 2012

sunday at the park

the weather was amazing on sunday and ever since her feet hit the floor that morning, abby was begging to go to the park. but not just any park. she insisted on the "big kid" park that she occasionally gets to play on while at school. the one with the monkey bars so that she can show us her capabilities. we load up their scooters and off we went for some family fun in the sunshine. here are some pics...okay so this next string of pictures absolutely crack me up. i wanted a decent normal one with my girls since i rarely have any being as i am always the one taking the pics. jay seriously took about 7 of these and with each one, i kept having to tell them, "don't be silly. act normal. this isn't a crazy shot. no peace signs. stop touching the baby." oh lawdy. i suppose i have no one to blame but myself. take a look if you will...after the park, we put the cherry on top of the day and ended it at yogurt mountain for some yummy ice cream. this spring-like weather has been nothing short of amazing.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

happy 4th birthday, chapel!!

so while jay and abby were at rocco's birthday party, lylie and i headed to premiere gymnastics in honor of one of her classmates and friend's 4th birthday, chapel's. i loved watching her run and play all over the place. i'm fairly certain that she jumped down the long trampoline about 7 times in between walking the balance beam, swinging on the rings, and attempting the hula hoops. later, the big parachute was pulled out and fluffed into the air followed by the group picture. the kiddos were so cute. here are some chapel's birthday party was an "olivia" theme and to say that her momma knows how to make every fine detail perfect is an understatement. everything was so ridiculously cute and it definitely inspired me for planning future birthday parties of my own. for example, jen showed me how the table cloth is simply wrapping paper. she said that all standard tables are the exact width of wrapping paper so it doesn't fall down and get in the way of the kid's laps, tear as easily, and most importantly, looks amazing. i know, right? awesome. learn something new every day.

anywho, all the munchkins sat down to sing happy birthday to the special 4 y/o as chapel blew out the candles on her cake. towards the end, presents were opened and the kids got to make their own goody bag filled with color coordinating gumballs, twizzlers, chocolate, lollipops, a tub of red glittered play-doh, etc. overall, it was a great party. happy 4th birthday, chapel!

happy 4th birthday, rocco!!

saturday after abby's cheerleading game and team party, jay and i tag teamed as he took abby to rocco's birthday while i took lyla to one of her classmate's birthday parties. they both slightly overlapped each other so instead of the whole douglas clan coming to crash one, we let the girls enjoy one of each. both involved a bit of gymnastics so they were excited. at rocco's party, there was a tumblebus and a bounce house with a batman theme. abby had a blast. happy birthday, rocco! here are some pics...

go warriors!!

saturday, abby cheered at their last basketball game of the season followed by their team party. she cheered for OLS's 1st and 2nd grade teams who competed against other schools in the diocese. it's always fun to watch and admittedly, i really hope that at least one of girls wants to play the sport once they get older. here are some pics...after the game, all the cheerleaders and basketball players headed on over to the parish hall where they all enjoyed a pizza party with drinks and snacks. trophies are being sent home at school this week and i couldn't help but snag a picture of abby with her cheer coaches, mrs. kara and mrs. beth. they have been so sweet to her as well as lil sis lyla when she has wanted to join in on the fun as well. all in all, it has been a great season. go warriors!!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

happy birthday, lola and jay!!

due to everyone's busy and conflicting schedules, we were finally able to figure out a night in which we could celebrate my mom (1/20) and jay's (1/30) birthdays together like we do every year...just about a month later. no big deal. rather celebrate late than never, i say. so we met at our local o'charley's and they sit us in the very back. it's like they took one look at us and knew we are an incredinly loud family. hehe. but that's beside the point. anywho, we enjoyed a lovely dinner and being together as a family. everything from the food to the company was absolutely wonderful. here are some pics...after dinner, lola surprised the girls with a beautiful dress and then tita karmie surprised all the kiddos with a bunch of loot she collected from her mardi gras filled weekend. they were all so incredibly excited. it was so funny to watch them sort through her giant bag filled with beads, toys, moon pies, and beanie babies. i kid you not when i say that lylie slept with her beanie baby that night. so sweet. all in all, it was a great evening with family. happy birthday, lola and jay!! we love you guys. xoxo

thursday's thoughts

1.) I find it to be rather bizarre how much my kids absolutely love going to the dentist. That said, I'm sure those feelings will change later.

2.) Lovesy lovey loves when my sweet baby Jem-Jem smacks her lips, thus making kissing noises when I tell her to "give Momma a kiss." #LeSigh

3.) Never fails that the one day I'm wearing workout clothes after #MommyAndMeBootCamp, Hubs & I run into all of his employees at lunch. #OhWell

4.) RT @capricecrane: I wonder what the exact age is when gym locker room etiquette for old people becomes: "F#ck it, I'm just gonna be naked."

5.) Last night, Hubs & I stayed up late in our kid-free bed searching & listening to best old school songs that we could think of. #AhhMemories

6.) Why I absolutely love shopping at Kohls: Total - $222.91, Saved - $333.54 #Boom

7.) RT @ALsocme: "Business leaders who belittle social media just DON'T get it. This is how the world communicates."

8.) Funny how Hubs can simply "think" about losing weight & 7 lbs are gone over night. #MustBeNice #TheMansMetabolism #WaterWeightButStill

9.) There was a tummy bug that violently attacked the girls' school. it seemed like every day that i picked them up from carpool, abby was announcing who puked that day and i kid you not that it's been going on for nearly two weeks. thankfully, and knock on wood (KNOCK.ON.WOOD.) it has not hit our house. #PuhleeezeStayAway

10.) RT @BhamNewsBiz: Are you on @Pinterest? A new study shows Alabamians are among the biggest users of the site.

11.) Dear Gawd. Say it ain't so. Crop tops are trying to make a comeback. ((shudder)) #NoThankYou

12.) RT @BirminghamMommy: "If you have never been hated by your child you have never been a parent." ~Bette Davis

13.) I shall workout today. I shall workout today. I shall workout today. #RepetitiveMotivationOnFatTuesday

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

ash wednesday

wordless wednesday

Monday, February 20, 2012

pretend play gone horribly wrong

researchers have shown that "pretend play" is great for the youth's imagination.

but something tells me that i really shouldn't encourage this...

DING, dinner is ready!!

Sunday, February 19, 2012