Friday, February 17, 2012

bunco babes

friday night, christi hosted bunco at her house. it was a smaller group than the norm due to sick moms, no babysitters, out of towners, etc., but that definitely didn't stop us from having a good time. we missed those that weren't there, but it's nice when it's just a few too because everyone is listening in on the same conversation instead of five different ones going on. we decided to sit outside and enjoy the cool crisp night (again, this weather has been unseasonably warm and nice). christi even saw a shooting star at which lead all of us staring into the dark sky hoping to see another one. it was refreshing.

lastly, here's the group pic that christi took for us. i kid you not when i say she took this pic about 7-8 different times and every time heather's eyes were closed. she has what i'd like to call "jay-itis." jay usually does this a lot. in fact when i first met him, it's all our pictures ever looked like. i have trained him well over the last 13 years...heather will be my next project. ha. love you, girl. until next time...